Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy

Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy
Mastering the Art of Transformation in Plastic Surgery

  • Meet Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy, the distinguished plastic surgeon in Dubai, renowned for his innovative approach and comprehensive expertise in cosmetic, reconstructive, and specialized surgical interventions. His contributions extend beyond surgery to safety, education, and charitable endeavors.

Dr. Mohan Rangaswamy, fondly known as “Dr. Mohan,” is a personification of transformation in the world of plastic surgery since his arrival in Dubai in 2002. As a specialist Plastic surgeon, he’s been a pioneer in the private sector, offering a holistic range of plastic surgery solutions, from cosmetic to reconstructive, hand surgery, maxillofacial procedures, and burn care. Referrals poured in from all emirates and beyond, solidifying his reputation.

Dr. Mohan’s academic journey was marked by brilliance. His exceptional talent was evident early on, earning him coveted science talent search scholarships and top ranks in board exams. His pursuit led him to AIIMS and later to PGIMER, Chandigarh, where he specialized in plastic surgery, inspired by his training in microsurgery and cancer reconstruction. His illustrious academic career paved the way for a prominent role at the University hospital in Oman before he made his mark in Dubai. The allure of plastic surgery beckoned Dr. Mohan, stemming from his exposure during general surgical training and witnessing the miraculous reconstruction of cancer defects. The intricate planning and manual dexterity involved captivated him. “Plastic surgery offers solutions to a myriad of complex problems, involving innovative solutions and a unique perspective on human form and function,” he explains.

Defining plastic surgery proves challenging. Dr. Mohan emphasizes its unbounded nature, transcending bodily areas, disease pathologies, and age. It’s a discipline that thrives on problemsolving, where practitioners analyze form and function, devising innovative solutions through tissue manipulation, rejuvenation, and grafting. Dr. Mohan underlines that plastic surgery doesn’t rely on rigid protocols, but on guiding principles and a specialized mindset, offering multiple valid solutions for every problem.

Dr. Mohan excels in cosmetic surgery, where the focus is on enhancing appearance. Armed with surgical techniques, approved implants, and advanced technologies, he achieves transformative results. Renowned for his expertise in natural rhinoplasty, liposuction, advanced tummy tucks, breast enhancements, and cosmetic gynecology, he prioritizes safety, often advising against procedures that compromise it.

Dr. Mohan’s expansive practice spans Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Hand surgery, and Regenerative medicine. He champions a holistic approach, underscoring the value of being a generalist, particularly in regions where specialized care may not be readily available. He emphasizes the potential of plastic surgery to contribute significantly to other medical specialties, offering a unique perspective and problem-solving approach. Dr. Mohan’s exceptional talent shines when faced with complex cases. His innate ability to identify root causes and develop innovative solutions positions him as a trusted expert, often sought after for re-do cases referred by his peers.

Dr. Mohan’s legacy is marked by numerous groundbreaking innovations. From pioneering laparoscopic techniques to reconstruct missing vaginas to innovative approaches for rare skin conditions, he continues to lead the way. His pioneering use of dermal matrix and plasma energy devices, along with recent advances in wound healing through liposuctioned fat, underscore his commitment to advancing the field.

Dr. Mohan’s compassion extends to charitable endeavors. His work with acid attack victims earned him and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital the 2019 award for medical charity from DHCC.

One of the landmark cases of cases of acid attack he treated, was that of a young women from Cairo, who had her entire face and nose that was destroyed in acid attack, reconstructed by Dr Mohan.

Dr Mohan has aided patients from conflict-ridden regions, providing pro bono services to children born with giant nevi. Dr. Mohan’s dedication to his field is exemplified by his contributions to publications, including chapters in the recently published six-volume Textbook of Plastic Surgery. He has received numerous awards, including recognition from the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society and DHCC. His work continues to make a profound impact on the field of plastic surgery.

  • A leader in multiple facets of plastic surgery.
  • Pioneering complex reconstructions and innovative interventions.
  • Redefining the landscape of plastic surgery in Dubai
  • Prioritize safety without compromise.
  • Perpetual contributions to medical advancement and humanitarian causes.

“The innovations made by plastic surgeons have improved care and outcomes in areas such as burns, orthopedic trauma, hand and nerve injuries, cleft lip and palate, breast cancer, and wound healing. Notably, Dr. Joseph Murray, a plastic surgeon, performed the first kidney transplant in 1954, further highlighting the broad impact of the specialty. Plastic surgeons approach their work by analyzing deformities or problems, striving to restore the “beautiful normal” as the benchmark. Looking to the future, advances in regenerative medicine and immunology offer the potential to regrow missing body parts or transplant entire organs, a reality that is already unfolding.“

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