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health-innovationsAs technology and innovations in the health and wellness industry evolve and grow at a rapid pace, HEALTH meets with Marc Fleschen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Zero.1 who discusses LIFI and the role it plays in healthcare.


“Light Fidelity (LiFi) is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission providing for broadcasting information, geo-localization, geomarketing, bi-directional communication, networked and high-speed data communication. Installed  in LED light bulbs, the LiFi chip modulates light (imperceptibly) for optical data transmission, in a similar way to WiFi, but with many superior characteristics.”


“Zero.1 is at the heart of LiFi technology. Our patents and developed technology put us at the forefront of the LiFi story. We exist to promote the benefits of this bi-directional, networked, mobile, high-speed transmission technology.”


“Wireless technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth rely on Radio Frequency. The impact of Radio Frequency is under research in several institutes, and as these too are quite recent technologies, it
will be some-time before we fully understand the long term health implications, if any. With LiFi however, there is no question. It does not rely on Radio Frequency and therefore, provides a safer,
faster, and more efficient solution for data transmission.”


“Patients’ confidence and emotional well-being is an essential component in creating positive outcomes in care, and after care scenario’s. HEALTHCARE4U creates a platform for patient support and engagement. They can access information and services which make their stay more comfortable, and even when dependent on highly sensitive equipment, they can download and upload data safely and securely. Hospitals and Clinics managed with HEALTHCARE4U have access to a highly tuned geolocalization capability, which will mean faster response time for security and emergency teams. Its asset management capability allows for the instant location of key equipment, as well as secure storage and retrieval for patient and staff records. All of these attributes will
mean improved experiences for the patient.”


“For all those involved in health management, patient wellbeing, and quicker, more efficient responses to patient and medical team needs, is always first in mind. The application of LiFi enabled technology supports these objectives.”


“We are right now focused in putting the finishing touches on the HEALTHCARE4U software and hardware combination, and hope to have this in a full pilot program by the end of this year.”

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