Health Innovations at the Forefront

08Arab Health recently showcased cutting edge health innovations that enable both the consumer and the expert optimize their wellness and good health. HEALTH takes a look at some of the game changers in health innovations for the wellness and health consumer.

Taking Care of  Your Heart
Global CEO of Philips, Frans Van Houten explains that at this year’s Arab Health, Philips featured its fully integrated data-driven con-nected health technology solutions across the entire health continuum, from prevention and healthy living, to diagnosis and treatment nd care at home. He elaborates, “One in every five in the UAE loses their lives due to cardiovascular diseases. As a leading company, that combines clinical and per-sonal health solutions across the health continuum, Philips offers unique integrated solutions to help healthcare professionals treat car-diovascular disease by encourag-ing healthy living and prevention, irst-time-right diagnosis, more effective treatment, and enabling recovery and monitoring that is more effective at home.”

The Innovations

  • The Minicare system is a handheld testing platform that is able to show blood test results on the reader display 10 times faster than conventional methods. This helps speed car-diovascular disease diagnosis.
  •  HeartModelAI – premier Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS) applica-tion – part of a suite of tools and technologies available on Philips’ EPIQ Ultrasound system that brings advanced automated quantification, 3D views, robust reproducibility and significant time-savings to echocardiography.
  • InnoSight is a Philips diag-nostic, compact ultrasound system designed to address customer’s needs for an af-fordable, portable ultrasound system that combines simplic-ity with clinical versatility.

For Arthritis
With this rise of arthritis world-wide, machines like the new SensoPro Trainer® launched at this ear’s Arab Health Expo become paramount in its management. Al-though sufferers may not feel like exercising, studies have proven it to be the best non-drug treatment for improving pain and function of joints and the muscular system.

The Innovation
The SensoPro Trainer® features a floating aluminum board on which the user stands and supportive safety railings for users to hold onto and enables users to exercise in an extremely ‘joint-gentle’ and safe environ-ment. The machines upper body resistance bands can also be adjusted according to the user’s strength, age and fitness, result-ing in greater rehabilitation out-comes and improved functional movement as well.

This multi-purpose approach is what makes it stand-apart from all other rehabilitation machines currently in the market, giving users a complete body workout in 20 minutes no matter your age or fitness.

Data and Connectivity Solutions  with MedTech
Nick Scholes, Data Analytics Consultant – Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Hitachi Data Systems explains that MedTech is the phrase for a wide range of connected healthcare solutions that enable the healthcare ecosystem – healthcare providers, clinicians, patients, and insurance companies — to securely store, retrieve, and analyze pa-tient healthcare data. He explains, “Middle East healthcare providers are facing a massive increase in the volume, variety, and velocity of data, across patient records, wear-able device measurements, doctor’s prescriptions, and lab results. In an-ticipation, MedTech solutions such as advanced information manage-ment and real-time data analytics can help Middle East healthcare providers gain enterprise-wide operational insights, cut costs, and enhance collaboration.”

The Innovation
Using MedTech, healthcare providers can keep track of staff placement, build their facilities’ energy management and safety and security, and drive new research. One of the biggest benefits for clinicians and patients is being able to improve interaction and com-munication at the point of care, and share the same information. No more written charts that can be hard to read or easily get lost. Instead, doctors can use mobile devices to show patients how their treatment has fared, and predict how different treatments can affect their health.



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