The Guide to Keeping Your Luxury Watches Safe

watchesMany watch aficionados own more than one watch and knowing how to store them properly is key to maintaining their upkeep. HEALTH reveals some of the best ways to keep your coveted watches in tip-top condition for life.

Custom Made Safes

To keep your watches safe in style, invest in a bespoke and fully customized safe. These can be created out of the same lacquer finish as your favorite car complete with watch winders inside. Stockinger Bespoke Safes is a German brand that fuses German engineering to create these types of customized safes. These not only do their job of safeguarding your watch, but are eye-catching and perfect for any office. Some are designed in such a way that there will be a lapse before the things inside catch on fire in case there is one.

Safety Deposit Box

For a small annual fee, you can keep your valuables in a bank safety security box. Safety deposit boxes are insured for a specific amount of money and are probably the more secure means of  keeping your watches safe when you’re going away for a span of time. However, for those of you of enjoy changing your watch often, this option can be a little inconvenient.

Watch Winder and Storage Boxes

Keeping your watch protected from fire or theft is not the only precaution to take against damage to your watch. Another is making sure your watches don’t get misplaced or lost at home or begin collecting dust. A watch winder is a great way to organize and store watches and because a watch requires winding, this serves a double purpose. Not only will this keep your automatic-winding watch smoothly working, but will not require winding or adjustment when you remove it from the winder for wearing. Essentially, winding and manually setting a time-only watch is fairly
straightforward, but in the case of an automatic-winding watch with a perpetual calendar, these can be tough to set as well as quite time consuming.

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