Let’s face it; all of us go through hurdles in life. The difference is how each one of us deals and copes with these challenges and makes it a lesson to learn from in the future. Here’s help…

Repeated Adversity
More often than not, repeated adversity can ultimately trigger bouts of depression and/or stress. Some major life events that are very stressful include: death of a loved one; break up of a relationship; being fired from a job; sickness, or a physical injury. The way people deal with these life events depends on many factors, for instance, how adversity was handled in their own family, their relationship with a higher power, their support system, overall health, and their ability to manage stress.


1. Take extra care of your health: Your physical health is vital for dealing with any life stressor or adversity. Basic things such as food, sleep, and exercise are key in getting through these difficult times.

2. Remember nothing lasts: Not good times or bad times. When the times are bad, stay strong and near to your loved ones. Remember, this time will pass.

3. Understanding difficult emotions: Pain, anger, sadness, and sorrow have lessons to teach us if we sit through them. When we break open through heartache, we can actually expand as human beings, full of compassion, sensitivity, and understanding. Too often we self-medicate or distract ourselves, hoping to numb our pain, but it is only through processing our suffering that we can acquire wisdom. FIVE COPING TIPS

4. Have a lifeboat: This can be a person who knows you and can give perspective when things seem too dark to bear. This can be a friend, a coach or a therapist—someone you trust to navigate the dark waters and who will help you find your way back home.

5. Positive thoughts: Life coach Eleanor Chin points out that people who intentionally use their character strengths will find them readily available in times of need. She suggests focusing on one strength each day and incorporating it into daily activity.

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