Getting to the Root of the Problem

14Whether it’s thinning hair or hair loss; when most of us have an issue with our hair, either we try and treat it ourselves or else head over to our trusted hairdresser. But the fact is, the best person to treat hair problems is a trichologist. HEALTH meets trichologist Hanney Al Qaisi who answers the most pressing hair concerns…

What is a trichologist consultant?
“This is someone that treats hair and scalp disorders and problems. It’s important to meet/consult with one is because the treatment procedure is complex and it is more of a paramedical field than most other health and beauty fields.”

What is involved in the consultation?
“The main objective of a trichologist is to prevent further hair loss, scalp irritation, and to stimulate new hair growth. The process begins with a thorough diagnosis using a careful checkup and full investigation to check the various types of hair loss and scalp problems that could arise. The trichologist will then advise treatment.

How do you examine hair?
“Damaged hair can be examined with a special lamp called a Wood’s lamp. The lamp provides filtered UV light used more to check for fungal infections. However, the hair shaft can also be easily visualized under such a lamp. Higher details of damaged hair can be easily seen.”

How is the scalp cleansed properly?
“Deep scalp cleansing and laser treatment is a treatment we offer to detoxify the scalp by removing im-purities and detrimental scalp build up. The faster we treat the hair, the better the results and chances of reviving and stimulating the hair follicle before it fades.”

What role does diet play in the condition of our hair?
“My recommendations for men and women for healthy hair are to always have a healthy diet. I always provide them with a diet sheet stating food items containing specific vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential for healthy, good looking hair. A comprehensive multivitamin is also necessary to complement their healthy diet.”

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