Get in the Mood for Fall…


As fall approaches, makeup looks Change and shift. Health meets With izabela cruz, regional makeup Artist and trainer at urban decay Cosmetics to find out this season’s Hottest trends in makeup.

“The texture is mainly metallic for Rock n’ Roll eyes combined with glowing skin. To achieve this stand-out look, add a touch of liquid eye shadow Moondust on top of your smoky eyes. The glowy skin can be achieved by heavily spraying Quick Fix on your brush/sponge prior to applying your foundation.”

“Monochromatic looks have been taking over since spring and it will stay on until fall. This hot trend means you can match eye, cheeks, and lips with tones and shades from the same color family.”

Essentials Every Woman Should Be Carrying
“My personal essentials are an eyebrow pencil, lipstick, and eye pencil; very simple, but I believe makeup is not about covering flaws, but to bring out the best in you.”

The Importance Of Contouring, Highlighting, And Color Correcting
“These three steps are actually complementary to achieve a flawless look. I like to see the complexion as the canvas of our face. To create a beautiful canvas, the contour will add depth and create definition, the color-correcting will neutralize and cover dark areas, and finally the highlighting will add light and dimension to your face.”

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