Genetics vs. the Cosmetic Surgeon

Although we’re promised more youthful looks and trim bodies if we keep healthy and in shape, the truth is that genetics plays a large role in how we age and how our bodies respond to food and exercise. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon can help you determine if plastic surgery is the better option to achieve your personal goals.

Genetics vs. the Cosmetic Surgeon
Genetics sometimes plays a cruel hand, and there is little we can do to change certain things about our physical appearance without the help of a cosmetic surgeon. All of the weight lifting makeup and three-hour hikes in the world can’t improve something that was never there. Women especially suffer from society’s increasingly high expectations about personal aesthetics. If you find yourself frustrated with buying overpriced anti-wrinkle creams, breast enlarging pills, and running yourself ragged with the latest fitness craze, it may be time to invest in something that does work. Plastic surgery can help you achieve a more ideal figure or face and the results can last anywhere from several months to a lifetime.

Pear-shaped women have often resorted to creative wardrobe options to camouflage their lower half and to create a more balanced silhouette. Body shape is largely determined by genetics, so while dieting and exercise can trim fat and tighten muscle, it can’t alter the shape and size of the pelvis. Women with larger hips who have had little success with slimming their lower half are good candidates for breast augmentation. A larger bust will help create an hourglass shape and can make the waist and hips look more in proportion with the rest of the body. Even a small cup size increase can greatly improve balance while not drawing too much attention to the bust.

Genetics vs. the Cosmetic SurgeonAnother problem several women have is excess fat in their upper arms. More commonly a problem in older women, but younger women who have gained a significant amount of weight may also develop “bingo” wings. This area of the female body is particularly difficult to improve with exercise, as the triceps are quite weak due to genetics. A cosmetic surgeon is likely to recommend liposuction for less severe cases where the skin has still retained a good deal of elasticity, but if there is excessive sag an arm tuck will be necessary.

Deep wrinkles and fine lines don’t only affect older men and women. Skin ages at different rates depending on genetics and skincare. It isn’t that uncommon to see women as young as 30 with significant crow’s feet around their eyes. Temporary injectable fillers are the most cost effective solution and can target small areas to ensure a natural appearance. Chemical peels and laser facial treatments are also popular among younger patients. All of these options are competitively priced and can help contribute to an overall improvement in skin appearance if used regularly.

For both genders, rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries requested. A large nose can draw attention away from the other positive features of the face. Many times, a large or misshapen nose creates imbalance, especially when coupled with a weak chin. A significant portion of patients who choose one procedure can benefit from undergoing both. Although not as common, chin reduction is sometimes combined with rhinoplasty to achieve optimal results. A consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can help you pick the best combination of procedures depending on your desired results.

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