Game Changing Brand … DR. JART

HEALTH speaks to Alice Han, the Regional Manager / International Division of the Korean brand Dr. Jart who explains why Korea is ahead of the beauty game.

dr jartThe Brand
“Dr. Jart is an abbreviation of ‘Doctor Joins Art’ and was established with the aim to address specific skincare needs. Dr. Jart believes in the true spirit of science and continues to innovate in order to deliver highly functional skincare products.”

Korea’s Edge in Beauty
“Korea is such a small and fast country. As you can see from the history, Korea has developed massively in a short span of time. We have many successful industries and the cosmetic industry is one of them. Previously, the Asian market was flooded with products from European and U.S. cosmetic companies, but cosmetics from Korea and other countries are enjoying popularity in Europe and the United States.”

Top Products
“Firstly is Dermask, an innovative and professional sheet mask. Next is Ceramidin, our globally beloved moisturizer. Lastly is our BB Cream, a true BB originator.”

Key Differentiator
“Most skincare brands appear too invasive, mainly because of aggressive marketing. Through market research, we have come to realize that consumers are aware that dermatological products can yield great results; however, they are afraid to try since such products looks like medication.Since our brand is built on the premise of combining art and science, we feel closer to our customers. We are serious  while developing the product, and fun and friendly when we communicate our products and brand to the market.”

The Future
“Our customers all over the world expect to see results from Dr. Jart similar to those from a clinical skincare treatment. As Dr. Jart realizes the importance of catering to consumer needs, the  company continues to develop non-invasive and highly functional products with visible results.”

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