Enhance Your Wellness With Zen Salt Therapy

Through the years, salt has always been known for its healing properties and salt therapy uses its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to cleanse the system. Anjaan, General Manager at Kintsugi Yoga Studio details how it can help people discover a better version of themselves.

Where Flaws are Beautiful

“Kintsugi Yoga Studio is built on the ideology that if something is broken or perceived as flawed – it should be seen as beautiful. We help our students find strength in vulnerabilities and beauty in brokenness.”

Zen Salt Room

“We offer yoga and meditation classes in the Zen Salt room. The room has entire walls built from pink Himalayan salt brick. We also have a Halogenerator, a device that grinds and gently disperses pharmaceutical grade salt particles into the air for effortless absorption. You can also sit or lie down and meditate on our loose salt beds. Practicing yoga or meditation in the Salt room simply amplifies all the benefits of the practice.”

Wellness Benefits

“Salt therapy can help with overall general health, stress relief, healthier skin, better sleep, improved physical fitness, conditioning for athletes, and overall wellness. Some of the benefits of Himalayan salt therapy include:detoxification of the body by balancing systemic pH, enhances the immune system, increased energy, increased concentration, helps reduce asthma and allergies, reduces headaches, heals skin conditions, supports hormone balance, and can also help with weight loss by improving energy. It also works wonders with certain skin conditions, including healing acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, and eczema.”

What to Expect

“Kintsugi provides you with a unique controlled micro climate where you can relax and let the Himalayan salt work its magic. The ‘Zen’ Salt Room is a therapeutic and healing space. All classes here are gentle classes suitable for practitioners of all levels. In this room, you get the benefits of salt therapy and yoga/meditation together. While practicing yoga, your breath deepens and allows the salt air to penetrate even deeper into your lungs. The cleansing property of salt enhances lung function and stamina.”

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