Easy ways to practice Gratitude

A buzzword in recent years has been gratitude with countless books being written on the subject. Yet making gratitude a daily regular habit can actually transform not only the way you live, but so many other aspects of your life. Health reveals more…

Say thanks before every meal
Take a few minutes to say thanks in the form of a prayer or even just appreciating the person who cooked the meal. This habit will provide you with at least three simple opportunities to actively practice gratitude daily.

Live in the moment
Instead of always worrying about the future or what happened yesterday, pay close attention to the present frame of life. Savor and enjoy the simple things such as that early morning coffee or helping the kids with a project.

Verbally appreciate at least one person daily
On a daily basis, purposefully thank at least one person. Look outside of your family and friends and thank those who are usually not thanked for the routine jobs they do; the man who washes your car, your maid, or the office cleaner. This will help you not take anyone for granted.

Make the effort to always do at least one good deed per day
On a daily basis, try to do a big or small good deed for someone else. Whether that means calling on a sick neighbor or giving a meal to a person in need, this can grow into a habit for life.

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