Dubai New Brow Queen Reveals Her Tips for Perfect Brows

perfectDubai’s newest brow queen Chloe Walsh reveals the best ways to keep your brows well groomed all the time.

  1. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows; make sure you only take the minimum amount needed to keep your brows looking full.
  2. Don’t over thread your brows, over threading can make the brows look too thin, plus the hairs may not grow back in certain places if you over thread.
  3. Make sure you book a bi-monthly/monthly eyebrow treatment with your brow technician so they know exactly where to remove the hairs if you are trying to grow them.
  4. Need to fake it to make it? Remember, growing the hair doesn’t happen overnight, so invest in some good products to fill the brows in when you are growing them. My top recommendations are
    Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills and HD Brow palette.
  5. If your brows don’t have a natural arch, use some clear mascara to brush the hairs up to create a fuller look. Tweeze a few hairs just under the arch to create more of a lift.
  6. Make sure you use the right shade of color for your brows when you draw them in. Remember, too dark looks harsh and too light won’t frame your face well. Ensure you choose the correct match
    to your eyebrow hair shade.
  7. About Chloe Walsh

Chloe Walsh is a fully qualified and experienced Brow Artist offering both HD Brows and Semi Permanent Brow treatments including the popular Microblading.  Visit:

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