Creating the Right Nursery for Your Baby

nurseryHEALTH meets the team at Children’s Lane – a vintage-inspired children’s boutique in Abu Dhabi – who reveal the best ways to create the ideal nursery for your baby.

The beginnings

We were inspired by the birth of our daughter. Children spend the majority of their childhood being nurtured at home and providing the right environment that would help develop her attention to detail and nurture her imagination was vital to us. This, in turn, inspired us to share our journey, through the establishment of Children’s Lane, with other families who wished to build their
own story with their children.

Furniture basics

Crib: It’s important to invest in a solid quality crib. Our heirloom quality cribs are built to grow with your baby and are meant to be passed down to other children or generations in the family,
preserving special memories.

Changing table: Our tables also convert to dressers, once the changing trays are removed as the baby gets older. Add a mirror over it and a pouf and you have a petite dressing area.

Nursing chair and Ottoman: This is vital, especially in the early days when you are feeding your baby and recovering, it is important to have your designated comfort zone where you can put your feet up and enjoy bonding with your little one. Wardrobe: This is the one piece that will definitely be used as your

Wardrobe: This is the one piece that will definitely be used as your baby gets older and is a perfect place to store all those clothing gifts from family and friends.

Storage: Toy chests are a lovely way to store swaddles, fresh linen, and other important baby items. As baby grows older, these are replaced with toys and books as a means to declutter your little ones’ space in an elegant way.

Trends in nursery décor

Neutrals reflect a timelessness that works beautifully for both genders and blending shades of white, cream, and beige creates visual depth and elegance. Accenting this with soft hints of pale pink or blue, can lift the room and add definition.

Design tips for your nursery

Designing your little one’s nursery starts early and is an exciting step to prepare before his/her arrival. It is, after all, the space where you will be spending most of your time in the subsequent months; and whilst striving to achieve a room with beautiful, calm aesthetics is an important component, ensuring that your little one’s sanctuary is safe and functional, is key.

Other Tips

Select key color/theme: At this early step in the design process, lead with your heart. Create a mood board with images that inspire you. Think of shapes and colors that pique your interest or incorporate elements of a theme that is reminiscent of your own childhood memories.

Basics: Decide on the basics first. We recommend a cot, changing table, and comfortable nursing chair. If you are on a budget, other pieces can be added as your baby grows.

Versatility: Invest in pieces that can be used for years to come as your baby grows into childhood. Our changing tables, for example, are designed with this in mind, so once your baby
is older, removing the changing tray converts the table into a beautiful dresser.

Safety: When designing your space, take into account the safety and positioning of furniture. Create a safe zone around your little one’s cot and place it away from potential hazards and
neighboring furniture pieces.

Lighting: Ensure that you have a night lamp and room darkening curtains for your window treatments to help promote restful sleep for your baby.

Storage: The importance of creating ample storage space cannot be underestimated; it makes a huge difference, as clutter quickly accumulates. Toy boxes that double up as storage chests,
side tables with extra space on hand and shelving are a handy investment.

Accessorize: Be creative! We love to accentuate with adorable giraffes and sleeping bears, beautiful linen, wall art, personalized children’s rocking chairs or playful patterns from our selection of
wallpaper, and fabrics.

Here’s a tip: use removable wall decals to add immediate color and patterns to a clean neutral painted wall.

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