Creating a Balanced Home Space for Optimal Wellness

Most of us have heard of Feng Shui to a certain extent, but how it can control the flow of energy created by nature to help us with our wellness quotient is something new. Read on as Feng Shui Wellness Designer Simone Osswald explains the basis of Feng Shui.

The Qi Flow

Qi is the life-force energy for good health that Osswald says enters our homes through our entrance door. “Once inside our homes, we can facilitate the energy to flow to our advantage, providing us with Qi for good health,” she says. “The basic principle is that through good health we promote clarity of thought, which in turn leads to success and confidence, and eventually interpersonal skills and harmony.”

The Application in the Home

According to Osswald, the application of Feng Shui inside a home works best when we look at two key topics, namely: the use of the space and the positioning of furniture and decorative items.
In terms of furniture and decorative items, these items can be of any design style and taste and there is no need at all to use Chinese artifacts or accessories to make Feng Shui work. Mirrors and water features for instance, are important items in Feng Shui and can enhance good energy in specific areas of the home, regardless of their style,” she explains, and also, colors, shapes, and patterns as well as materials can be used to bring a range of desired energies for health and wealth into our homes.

Rebalancing a Room for Clarity

Our environment shapes us as everything in our home emits certain energy, stresses Osswald. “We perceive these energies either consciously or subconsciously; consciously we may have restless sleep in our bedroom for example, if it is filled with too many colorful patterns, accessories, and too much clutter,” she says, while subconsciously, we feel unsafe if we sleep in a bed with bookshelves hanging overhead on the headboard wall. If we rebalance our home, and especially the bedroom, by rearranging furniture, decluttering, and decorating according to the Feng Shui principles, our state of mind will instantly improve, resulting in restful sleep, which is the primary factor for wellbeing.

Simple Techniques

Although Feng Shui does not work with a “one fits all” formula, Osswald points out that there are some general rules that can instantly improve the energy of a home. She elaborates, “The most important area in any home is the entrance as this is where the important energy enters the home. Keep it clutterfree, welcoming, and well-lit and make sure the door opens fully and easily.” If a mirror is needed in the entrance, it should not face the door. Another general tip is to remove obstacles for easy walkabout in the entire home and provide good lighting and fresh air for all rooms. Also, sharp edges on furniture should be avoided and natural materials should be preferred to all manmade materials.

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