A Checklist for Letting Go


Are you angry about an argument with a colleague, a spat with a neighbor, or a disagreement with a friend? Now is a good time to let go of the negativity and grudges and instead, learn to move forward. Here’s our checklist for letting go.

ACCORDING TO RESEARCHERS, THERE ARE THREE KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL APOLOGY: regretting your actions, taking responsibility for them, and being willing to remedy the situation. Start by apologizing, then give indications to future behavior and offer some form of compensation.

ACCEPT WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED. Accepting what happened allows you to move from the past to the present. By moving forward, you start creating a positive future.

LETTING GO OF A GRUDGE ACTUALLY HELPS YOU. That means developing feelings of true empathy toward the person who hurt you, then focusing on the good parts of your life.

WRITE A LETTER TO THE PERSON WHO HURT YOU, STATING YOUR INNER-MOST THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, AND PAIN. Then get rid of it. You will feel better, even if your message never reaches the person.

KEEP A JOURNAL AND WRITE YOUR THOUGHTS. This is a great way to help gain control over your emotional life.

GIVE YOURSELF TIME. Because you are trying to change your emotional habits, it may take time since these took years to develop.

LIST DOWN ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT THE PERSON YOU ARE ANGRY WITH. This can help diffuse some of the anger and hurt you are feeling internally.

PARTICIPATE IN SOME FORM OF MEDITATION OR PRAYER DAILY. Not only does this help bring a peace of mind, but can help lessen the anger, bitterness, and grudges you may be harboring towards a person.

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