Changing the Face of Medical Tourism… Thumbay Hospital

medicalWith the Dubai government fervently moving ahead with strategic plans for medical tourism in this region, Thumbay Hospital is at the forefront of this vision and expanding its medical tourism plans to foster growth and excellence in this sector. HEALTH meets with Dr. Benazir Ameer Ali, Director of Thumbay Medical Tourism to find out more.

The Relevance of Medical Tourism in 2017

Since the time Dubai has revealed a master plan for attracting medical tourists and their strategy for 2021, every passing year becomes a feeder towards achieving the plan. Most of the hospital has now started working in-line
with the Dubai government’s strategy to become a part of the Medical Tourism Master plan. Thus, medical tourism has now become a major focus area for hospitals and the government after realizing the potential Dubai has due
to its strategic location and array of healthcare services offered at the highest standards.

Thumbay Medical Tourism and Accolades

Thumbay Medical Tourism (TMT) has been recognized and awarded for innovation and its achievements in the field of medical tourism. TMT were the first to start a dedicated department for medical tourists. We provide our patients
with priority appointments, best treatments available at economical prices, airport pick and drop, visa services, and tourism packages along with fulfilling all their needs. We always take feedback very positively from our patients
and work on improving the patient experience. This has helped us to work in line with our mission which is to emerge as a premier business house serving diverse communities with innovative products and quality service.
TMT has been serving patients from many nationalities in the world and providing them treatments at the highest level at economical prices without compromising on quality.

Making the Mark 

Being the pioneers of medical tourism in the region, the Medical Tourism Department, now known as Thumbay Medical Tourism, always focuses on patient satisfaction. We provide patients with the treatment plan, cost estimates and the length of stay even before they get here. They are welcomed  by our International team at the airport, priority
appointments to name a few. The Thumbay Medical Tourism package comprises of flights, visa, health checkup and accommodation so the patient is free to plan their journey and leave their country at ease.


A prospective patient can avail the hospital services just by an email, a phone call, or even an enquiry on our website. The TMT executives establish an initial contact with the prospective patient by acknowledging the enquiry and then get back to the patient within 24 hours with diagnosis, treatment plan, and a cost estimate.

A doctor’s consultation can also be arranged over the phone if the patient needs more clarity and to feel confident before taking up the treatment. Thus, a person overseas needs to contact us and we will deal with all the queries that he/she may have along with regular follow-ups.

Future Plans

Thumbay Medical Tourism is growing day by day and we have already started to achieve our initial aim of 20 representative offices across the globe. Thumbay Group is also planning to extend its network of hospitals in other countries which will in-turn give more options for future medical tourists.

TMT has been working on international patient experience to better every patient’s visit to our hospitals, and many more plans are in the pipeline.

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