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18A certified image consultant who styles and does makeovers, personal shopping, and has been a guest on many television shows in dubai, saudi arabia, and lebanon, mayssa assaf understands the value of social media to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends and celebrity styles. Mayssa explains more…

Foray In Blogging
“As an image consultant who styles and does makeovers and personal shopping and editor, it was very essential for me to present through my Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and website exactly how the fashion industry functions. It’s through my daily routine with my clients, celebrities, and events I attend that people find interesting to follow and be inspired by.”

Image Consulting
“As a certified image consultant, I help women and men create an image through consultancy so they have their own structured image that helps create the best impact. My mission is to deliver premium image consultancy services to individuals and corporations. I am specialized in personal styling, wardrobe, and closet evaluation, and personal shopping. Also, to improve self-confidence and credibility through the clothing you wear.”

“The audience of my blog is women and men starting from age 18 who like to see and learn how to choose their look and style themselves, how to shop, and many other tips and examples. And to see how celebrities and public figures have been styled by me and of course, the latest in fashion and beauty.”

Makeover Tips
“Firstly, be yourself. Always choose what suits you, your body silhouette, your skin tone, your personal fashion style, and lifestyle. Secondly, let your style empower you and others and reflect your inner beauty. Also, don’t follow the fashion, take what suits you and add your style.”

Favorite Bloggers
“I admire Hala Kazim, the NLP coach from whom I always learn. Also, Joelle Mardinian as she’s an example to every woman in our Arab world. She’s an achiever, she’s educated, and is a humanitarian who empowers women.”

Social Media Tips
“I advise anyone entering social media within the fashion sector to be unique and work hard to create an interesting account that not only shows how to dress, but a message; something deeper should be behind every post.”

Social Media Details:
Instagram account: @assafmayssa Website and blog: www.
Youtube channel: Mayssa Assaf Facebook page: Mayssa Assaf

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