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Power brows, chemical free sun blocks and mineral makeup…. HEALTH looks at the hottest beauty products…..

DermacelDermacel Replenishing Sunblock SPF 36; Light Moisture Antioxidant

This state-of-the-art formula with Titanium Dioxide and exclusive botanicals helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This helps delay premature aging with a state-of-the-art formula with Micronized Zinc and exclusive botanicals that help prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Ideal for daily facial wear and can be used around the eyes. With key ingredients that include Micronized Zinc Oxide, Tamanu Oil, Aloe Vera, Beta Carotene, Colhibin and Elhibin and Silica, this SPF product helps prevent collagen breakdown while moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Price: Dhs 340 available at L’Esprit Medical Clinic; 04 3388238

Dermacel Daily Replenishing Sunblock SPF 30+ Chemical Free



This extremely water resistant, full spectrum UVA/UVB is made with 7.5 percent transparent zinc oxide, 2.4 percent titanium dioxide, MMPI peptides and beta-carotene to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection as well as help rejuvenating the skin’s overall appearance. Ideal for active lifestyles and sensitive skin, this sunscreen contains 70 percent less potentially irritating chemicals than most commercially available waterproof formulations. This FDA approved chemical free, physical screen is water resistant up to 40 minutes and quickly absorbs into skin leaving a matte finish for effective oil control.

Price: Dhs 340 available at L’Esprit Medical Clinic; 04 3388238


ColorscienceLooking for make-up that’s not just a cover-up? Colorescience takes mineral make-up to a new level by combining minerals that give you a flawless finish with ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. The foundation of this line is pure micronized minerals combined with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other ingredients that are good for your skin. The minerals stay on the surface of your skin, protecting your skin against the environment as they reflect light for a flawless finish. It’s make-up that’s therapy for your skin while making your skin look flawless.

Creme Foundation Dhs 210, Pressed
Mineral Foundation Dhs 230, Loose
Mineral Foundation Dhs 271; available at
Obagi Medispa Dubai Mall; 04 339 7060

Lush Mangnificent soapLush Mangnificent soap

This refreshing soap awakens the mind and body with its luxuriously fruity mango and lemony aromas. Mangnificent contains a blend of dried and fresh mango. The fruit cleanses the skin and is an excellent nutritional source, containing an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – calcium, potassium, vitamin A, E and C and several B vitamins. The bar also includes floral Tunisian neroli oil that is uplifting and toning on the skin. Twinned with the fresh Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils, it’s the perfect soap for those sluggish mornings.

Price: available at all LUSH retail outlets

ZestZest Hair Gelly by Lush

This self-preserving orangey hair jelly gives both your hair and mood a boost. Made with a simple formula full of zesty ingredients, this self-preserving hair jelly will give your hair great hold, without leaving it feeling greasy. The fragrance contains sweet wild orange oil, pettigrain oil from the twigs of the bitter orange tree; and neroli oil from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. There is also moisturizing and thickening carrageenan extract in there, from Irish moss seaweed, to help create texture.

Chopard’s Oud Malaki

Chopard Rose Malaki is the latest addition to the Malaki line. This spicy floral fragrance is a sensual tribute to one of the most revered Chopard’s Oud Malakiingredients in the ancient art of perfumery: the Rose. A symbol of love par excellence, roses were used as early as the first century B.C. to create perfumes in Morocco but the process was greatly refined by Ibn Sina (Avicenna) who discovered how to extract rose essence from the petals of the regal flower.

Price: Dhs 475 available at Sephora and FACES

Illamasqua New Matte Lip Liquid

Illamasqua New Matte Lip LiquidHighly pigmented Matte Lip Liquid applies wet but dries to create a longlasting, full color finish. With a comfortable matte finish, it provides a continuous wear without flaking or dryness.

Price: Dhs 125 Illamsqua in Mirdiff City Centre and Dubai Mall


Eyes That Speak Volumes by The Body Shop

With the new eye shadow quad from Body Shop, you can haBody Shopve the smoldering eyes you have always wanted. Get big, eye-opening results rich mix-and-match palettes of blendable eye shadows that can be used wet or dry. With chocolate brown shades in an iridescent finish, these crease-resistant shades are ontrend for the Fall weather.



Illamasqua Velvet BlusherIllamasqua Velvet Blusher

Create a flush of bold color with this matte blusher. The lightweight cream texture delivers a velvet soft powder finish. Apply to the apples of the cheek, or across cheekbones to brighten, enhance and define. Build and blend with fingers or an Illamasqua brush for added color-intensity.

Price: Dhs 145 available at Illamasqua stores at Mirdif City Centre and The Dubai Mall

Get the Power Brows You’ve Always Wanted With the Body Shop Eyebrow Kit

A versatile compact for neat eyebrows and perfect definition on the eyes, this is the perfect product for on-the-go fashionistas who want the perfect power brow.
With two ultra-fine powders and a compact double-ended brush; a brow brush at one end and an eyeliner brush at the other. Dermatologically and opthamalogically tested, this compact will guarantee your brows look and stay impeccable all day long….

Price: Dhs 72 available at all Body Shop retail outlets in UAE


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