Beauty Experience: Benefit Brow Bar

beautyThe last two years have seen a huge return to the “power brows” inspired primarily by Cara Delavigne. Soon celebrities and super models alike were sporting the same, fuller straighter eyebrows. Suddenly for people like me, whose brows were plucked into oblivion, had no choice but to opt for brow pencils, powders and even stencils to get a modern more edgy look.

Years of over-plucking and over threading have made my eyebrows scant and very light. To help solve the problem, Benefit Brow Bar at Sephora Stores came to the rescue, providing a one stop solution for every kind of eyebrow problem out there.

Benefit takes away the need for the stress with its one stop, ultra-modern Brow Bar. I met with brow expert Franjolyn Leopardas, known as France who is a wiz at giving all women the brows that suit them. She explained to me that our eyebrows are not twins but siblings hence will never look exactly the same. First she checked my eyebrows very carefully
to assess problem areas. Mine had gaps and were sparse. She first did a brow tint which was not a dye but a tint to make each and every hair stand out and become more prominent. This, she explained, would make my eyebrows look fuller and would maximize the brow hair I had and would stimulate hair growth. Once the tint was removed after about three minutes, next France did Brow Mapping to check the proportions very carefully and then proceeded to apply a very gentle wax to just the lower part of my brows to help give them the new trending straighter shape. Each and every tiny hair was meticulously removed and didn’t hurt at all. After this, France applied Benefit Gimme Brow Powder in brown to add a bit of fullness. She dvised this treatment should be done every two to three weeks to maintain perfect brows.

End Result: Amazing. My brows looked fuller than they had in years. The color was a rich dark brown and the new on –trend shape gave me a boost of confidence. A must-do treatment from a skilled brow expert who really knows her brows.

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