Avoid Skin Problems during Travel

Travel TipsWith the airplane’s re-circulated air and extreme temperatures, even the most flawless skin can look lackluster. HEALTH reveals the top ways to avoid pesky skin problems during the journey.

  • The day of the flight itself, take a warm shower instead of a hot one–which can break down the lipid barrier on skin that keeps moisture in and the toxins out.
  • In an airplane, excess water should be consumed and fatty foods should be avoided to avoid ‘airplane bloat.”
  • Basically, the most important thing you can do for your skin and overall health is to drink plenty of water.
  • The night before you travel, always make sure to prepare the skin with a mild exfoliant and apply a heavy moisturizer such as Vaseline or serums with Hyaluronic acid.
  • Just before traveling, be sure to slather on body lotion and carry onboard a facial vitamin spritzer that includes humectant ingredients in it. Ideally, you should spray the facial mist or water on your skin before applying your moisturizer so that the humectant ingredients in the mist will pull water into your skin instead of from your skin.
  • Avoid wearing too much makeup as it may lead to clogged pores. Keep lip balm, hand and foot cream handy also.
  • Apply a little Vaseline in the base of your nasal cavity as the nose feels very dry and can cause a bit of nose bleed.
  • If you are bound for a really long flight,ensure you apply a moisturizer with an SPF to ensure that your skin is happily hydrated and protected during the duration of your trip
  • During long flights try your best to keep the window shade closed during daylight hours
  • If pimples are what you get when you fly,apply a spot of tea tree oil, or pure zinc, as in nappy rash creams to your skin and avoid touching your skin as much as possible and keep a hand sanitizer also.
  • For fly-away hair, apply some coconut or olive oil to the scalp with the tips of your fingers and give it a good massage to avoid possible nose bleeds and dry hair and scalp syndrome.

(Credit: Mona Syed-Mirza, Founder & CEO of Biolite Aesthetic Clinic) (Credit: www.men-uusa.com)


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