Achieve Mindfulness with Sophrology

Combining meditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques with gentle movement and visualization, Sophrology is being touted as moving meditation to infuse Zen into your life. Dominique Antiglio,
Sophrologist/Founder of BeSophro and Author of the Life Changing Power of Sophrology reveals more.

What Is Sophrology Used for?

“Sophrology can be used in many situations, but it is often used in the context of stressrelated issues including anxiety, sleep difficulties, tension, burnout, or even to help unlock your full potential, be productive, and more focused. It can help with preparation for specific events like exams, interviews, or dealing with specific challenges of life.”

What Makes It So Successful?

“The method is built to allow everyone to tap into their inner resources and to transform. As you practice, you discover capabilities you didn’t realize you had for many life situations. It’s actually a very unique and dynamic way to work with consciousness and a tool to positively deal with the challenges of modern life. Sophrology can be easily included in daily life; you can start with a daily 10 minute practice. For those who struggle with meditative practices, Sophrology notably includes movement, breathing, and visualization to allow everyone to discover the power of consciousness.”

Is This Something for Everyone?

“Sophrology is for everyone; and it is a gentle and integrative approach. It has been created by neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo in the sixties in Spain that merges Eastern practices with Western
science. His aim was to create a gentle approach to improve the daily life of patients’ and the method rapidly developed beyond the medical environment to be used in schools, universities, corporate, and sports environments.”

How Does It Work?

“There are many aspects in Sophrology that makes it efficient in creating more awareness and harmony within. All practices start by learning to switch into a state where the body is relaxed and the mind is alert. The brain goes into the alpha brain wave state which is known for its relaxing and restorative qualities. Using breathing, simple movement, visualization, and meditation moments, the
mind-body connection is positively influenced, enabling an exploration of new perceptions and sensations.”

A Simple Sophrology Technique-the Pump Exercise

• When you feel tension building in your body or mind, simply stand up, close your eyes, and focus on the awareness of your body.

• With the arms straight alongside your body, clench your fists.

• Inhale, hold your breath, and move your shoulders up and down until you need to exhale again. As you exhale, relax your arms and entire body, and imagine all your tensions being released through the breath.

• Pause for a moment and listen to your sensations.

• Repeat three times and then sit to pause until you are ready to open your eyes again.

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