A Yoga Instructor’s Therapy For Everything

yogaIt’s absurd how the solutions to so many things, if not everything, actually lie at within ourselves. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a billionaire? Close your eyes and you can actually achieve a feeling much greater! Whether its career success, relationships, body issues, or
discontentment, the Yogic answer is often both the simplest and the deepest.

This is what Yoga Instructor and Holistic Therapist Kaya Peters discovered and perfected through her own life experiment a decade ago when she struggled to re-define her emotions, her sense of accomplishment. and concept of living. Step-by-step and through yoga, she dissected the nature of depression, stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions and learned to purify herself of the darkness she was living in. She was amazed to find the same principles also applied to physical ailments and through her own practice, rid herself of all kinds of bodily disorders and chronic pain and was also delighted over how much more beautiful, strong, and brilliant she became.

Even more, yoga helped her tap into her full potential by changing how she handled the challenges and opportunities in life and amplifying
her mind with focus, mental clarity, and positive energy, eventually leading her into becoming a wellrespected Dubai entrepreneur in the field of wellness. Today she continues honing these techniques to support and lead her students from all over the world into the best version of their wellness and success.

Through her private therapy sessions, yoga retreats and classes, she has supported others in healing chronic bodily pains that doctors had given up on, brought people out of depression and anxiety, as well as help them find their unique paths to personal and financial success. Her clients come to optimize their health, maintain healthy bodies and lifestyles, even during challenging  times, and to find their very best and original way of living.

To spread the wealth of wellness, Kaya now prepares aspiring wellness entrepreneurs in her Yoga Teacher Trainings, helping them to master
the techniques of Yoga, Holistic living, running a successful business and stilling their own inner turmoil to become all that they can be and
transform the world.

Find out more about this one-of-a-kind year long Tranformation Program in Dubai;

Contact www. kayayogatherapy.com
info@kayayogatherapy.com – +971 56 212 5878

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