A Check-List for Happiness

While all of us strive to be happy in our lives, we often forget that happiness is a journey not a destination. Health presents some easy, but effective ways to start working on boosting your happiness levels today.

Go Outside
Despite the weather getting hotter, stepping outside and connecting with nature can immediately make you feel better. In fact, physical activity has a positive impact on your brain which gets stimulated and releases endorphins to make you feel happy.

Connect with Spirituality
Work on your spiritual growth and learn to forgive yourself and others from the heart. Stay strong in your belief in a One Supreme Authority, and His powers; this will make you more grounded and at peace, ultimately leading to a more positive outlook about life.

Begin each day with a smile
This is actually backed by science as when you smile, you trigger smile muscles in others and in turn, you also benefit. Smiling triggers the neural brain circuits linked with happiness.

Connect with others
Stay in touch with friends, family, and loved ones as much as possible. Despite your busy schedule, plan and make the effort to meet, talk, even if just for 10 minutes. Research found that our personal happiness is most often dependent on the happiness of those with whom they connect in life.

Learn something new
Whether this means learning a new language, cooking a new recipe, or learning a new skill related to your profession, learning can add a sense of newness and excitement.

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