3 Ways to Experience Spiritual Growth

09zThe aim of traditional meditation is to partially suspend the conscious mind in order to tap into the wisdom within. Author of Amazon International Best-Seller, YOU The Divine Genius and professional speaker Carol Talbot reveals three ways to help experience expanded consciousness and spiritual growth.

In the zone
Remember those times when you’ve been so absorbed in what you are doing, maybe painting or cycling that people and places seem to disappear? The Gamma rainwave is associated with being ‘in the zone.’ The key is finding what you love and doing more of it. Which activities make time fly for you? What makes your heart soar and lift?

Go upside down
In yoga, the headstand is called the ‘king of asanas’ because of its many benefits, one of which is the slowing down of your brain waves. It’s a natural state of hypnosis and it’s how magicians keep rabbits and doves still and calm during their act. For us, going upside down drops our brain waves into an alpha or theta state – the same as meditation.

In your dreams
In ancient Greece there were the sleep temples where dreams were directly associated with healing. The priests in the Egyptian sleep temples, also known as dream temples, were known to use trance states and the dreams that were seen would provide answers to problems. Perhaps you’ve also found answers, solutions and insights while you sleep and dream.

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The author of Amazon International Best-Seller, YOU The Divine Genius, Carol is a professional speaker sought-after by organizations and individuals seeking a learning consultant, thought-partner, and keynote speaker with a difference.

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