3 Ways to Cope alone this Holiday Season

holidayThey say the holidays are the happiest time of the year. But unfortunately for many, this is far from the truth. As people quietly grieve within while experiencing “FOMO” – the fear of missing
out – people alone tend to experience forms of depression. However, HEALTH learns that now is the time to shift our perspective on what the holiday season means with the following tips.

Set realistic expectations

Adjust your philosophy on what the holiday season means for you. By removing unrealistic expectations, one frees themselves of anxiety, stress, and even depression. Take this time to be of service to someone else who may be less fortunate than you are. Feed the homeless or become involved in your place of worship’s holiday festivities to help shift your mindset of being alone during the
holidays. It’s important to remember: you are not defined by how you spend your holiday season. Nor are you defined by the quality or quantity of the gifts society says one should receive.

Create an “alternative” family

Often, friends become more close than family; and when they do, create that new family bond. Reach out to those who equally may be alone or don’t have any plans. Create new experiences and traditions by planning events or outings with them. If you don’t have this circle of friends, reach out to colleagues or other associates that wouldn’t mind inviting you to their festivities.


Take the end of the year holiday season as the designated time to travel abroad. Fill your calendar with places to go, things to do, and people to see. View the world as being a phenomenal place
and expand your horizons with experiences that can make you excited and even more grateful that you’re able to enjoy life.

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