Getting the most out of your gym workout

All of us are looking for results from our gym workouts. Check out these workout maximizing tips.


One of the key ways for anyone to train intelligently and stay on the fast track to change appearance and body composition is to ensure that the muscles are being consistently loaded and challenged during workouts.


It’s quite common to see some people in the gym working on combination moves where the person is performing a lower body exercise with an upper body move, trying to work several muscle groups at the same time during the same workout. The problem with this is that if your goals are aesthetic based, the same weight needed to load and challenge the lower body cannot possibly be also used while performing the upper body exercise. A much better option with aesthetics in mind is to perform the exercises separately one after the other with different, appropriate weights.


If the training goal is aesthetic, you want to be able to load the muscle you are working and maximize your time in the gym. Performing exercises such as heavy lunges, deadlifts, and squats on unstable surfaces pose a greater risk for injury, so an easy swap is to stand on stable ground. You’ll be able to build more strength and burn more calories in the same amount of time just by having sure footing.

(Credit: Heather Marr, Celebrity Trainer)

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