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home-spaceWindows and how we dress them can play a major role in the overall look and feel of a room. HEALTH meets Nahel Selo, Creative Director at Sedar Global to find out more about the latest trends in window dressings.

Key trends in Dubai  – “We’re looking at outlining simplicity and minimalism. We’ve noticed more people are leaning towards this style; the lesser, the better.”

Elements to look for when dressing our windows – “It mostly depends on the purpose of such window dressing. Do they want it to just look beautiful? Do they want it to provide total darkness for better sleeping? Or, do they want natural lighting to fill up the house while protecting the furniture? Based on the final desired look, one can make decisions easier. If you want total blackout, then it’s essential to have a blackout fabric lining at the back of your curtains, if you want natural lighting, then opt for the sheer fabric.”

Lighting trends – “We always encourage natural lighting into the homes of our clients. Natural light is always beneficial as it activates our biological clock and helps us stay wake.”

Global window dressing trends – “Instead of the simple curved curtains (bowing outwards), we’re looking at ways to make the window dressings less classic. A nice option is to braid them together or have them tied at the bottom. Nowadays, clients are using the wooden option to match the current trend of rustic-wooden themes taking the interior fashion by storm.”

Why it matters – “It is quite important. It can make your space seem bigger and ceilings appear taller. If you’re hesitant to paint a wall in bold colors, then you can use the window dressing as a wall and make it as boldly colorful as you like.”


  • Choose your window dressing at the end. Let it be that final masterpiece that you insert into your home.
  • Identify what you want from your window fashion. Are you looking for something to simply cover the windows, or are you looking for something to give your room more character, like wooden blinds?
  • Go for lighter colors, and try to allow as much natural light as possible. Lighter color adds more size to your space, making it look bigger.
  • Raise the dressings above the windows to give the illusion that your ceilings are high and add a decorative box on top of your curtain rods to bring the dressing together as well as to cover the rod if it’s not a decorative one.
  • Choose non-classical designs and trimmings on your window  dressing, but remember to always make it look neat.
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