Is Your Weight Getting in The Way of Having A Baby

20Many women worry that their weight may be hindering their chances of conception. But the good news is that you don’t have to be a perfect weight to successfully conceive.

The Pressure
According to Life Coach Emily Cheyne, women are feeling more and more self- conscious about their weight at all stages of life. “In the UK, the NHS states that lower weight is one of the pre-conditions for getting any assisted conception,” she explains and this has now reached women who feel overweight and they feel they are no longer empowered to even try and have a baby. “The pattern with many of my female clients is that they place too much pressure on themselves,” she says, and all these pressures equal increased stress which has a huge impact on other areas of ur lives including trying for a baby, avoiding emotional eating which causes weight gain, and also impacting our relationships with our partners, family, and friends.

Emotions play a big role in our self-perception and body image which can affect our personal relationships. Cheyne says if you’re not comfortable with the way you feel and look within yourself, then it places a strain on your personal relationship. “Your partner doesn’t want to hear what you don’t like or keep getting reminded of your insecurities,” she says.

Trying To Get Pregnant And Are Overweight? Here Is Help

  • If you do feel that weight is affecting your fertility, then you must speak to a doctor immediately.
  • Before you start the hard slog of a diet, ask yourself why you’re eating and the types of food you are craving. More often than not, women eat for emotional reasons rather than because they are physically hungry.
  • Ultimately, if you do decide to strive to lose weight, focus on the goal of pregnancy

– you will find this a far more positive way to approach the challenge than dieting in order to receive other people’s approval.


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