HEALTH meets with Cecile de Scally, the lead midwife, pregnancy and postnatal educator at Malaak Mama & Baby Care, a one-stop shop for all pre and postnatal support services for Mother and Child, who details her unique skill at communicating with babies.

Cecile has been a nurse for nearly 30 years, of which 26 years she has been a midwife. She explains, “My role is the lead midwife, pregnancy and postnatal educator at Malaak Mama & Baby Care which provide a wide range of support to pregnant women and new parents ranging from prenatal classes, hypno-birthing workshops all the way to post-natal sleep support, sleep training and breastfeeding consultations with a dedicated team of Midwives, Health educators, DHA licensed nurses and babysitters to support families in the UAE. Our goal at Malaak is to support families through their wonderful parenting journey and build their confidence as parents.”

Most times a doctor is the person who looks after the mother through pregnancy and the actual birth, tells Cecile. “I am privileged as my relationship is an ongoing one where I support during pregnancy, once the baby is here, and throughout the postnatal period supporting with feeding, sleep, and early child development.”

Cecile has been called a “baby whisperer” as she tries to talk to babies, connect with them and understand them as well as assist parents in learning and understanding their babies’ needs. “I teach parents to read their baby’s cues which help ensure a smooth transition into parenthood. I am lucky to have been able to interact with so many babies and parents over my 30 years as a midwife so my experience has really helped me easily connect to babies and young children.”

According to Cecile, their maternity nurses do recommend the use of Bio-Oil for both mother and baby. “I do advocate baby massage in general to help connect with your babies and soothe them and there is truly nothing better than establishing that connection,” she tells, “personally, I love the use of either Bio-Oil or coconut oil due to the natural ingredients found in both, nevertheless this is a personal, not professional opinion.”


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