The Top Six Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy


Have you ever wondered whether you should still exercise during pregnancy? Will it harm the baby? How hard should you push yourself? Dubai VIP Personal Trainer and Pre and Post natal Trainer Rhian Adams reveals the top six benefits of exercising during pregnancy

The Benefits

  1. Less Weight Gain: Not being able to lose the pregnancy weight gain is the biggest complaint of new moms. Being pregnant requires that we gain weight and maternal body fat, which is healthy and necessary, but you will gain less unnecessary fat if you exercise throughout your pregnancy. Exercise also helps control blood sugar which will reduce the risk of developing
    gestational diabetes by 27 percent, which basically means you will bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight faster.
  2. Better Sleep: During pregnancy, it’s hard to find a comfortable position to sleep. Exercising tires you out so that you sleep more restfully at night. The second biggest complaint of new moms is also lack of sleep. Research shows that exercising during pregnancy will help you sleep better and in turn; the baby will sleep better and sleep through the night sooner than babies of sedentary moms.
  3. Less Aches and Pains: Exercising during pregnancy lowers the risk of developing lower back pain, helping you maintain good posture by strengthening your back as your abdomen and chest increase in size.
  4. Easier Delivery: Childbirth is hard and you want to be physically ready; some term it as ‘the biggest athletic event you’ll ever experience’. One of the best ways to get ready for it is to exercise through pregnancy and build that ‘oomph’ and stamina which can be done by maintaining strong abdominals and cardiovascular system.
  5. Endorphin Release:  Exercise releases endorphins which will work wonders during pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimester tiredness, mood swings, and fatigue. The endorphins in your body will help you feel relaxed and calm.
  6. Cardiovascular Benefits: Exercising your cardiovascular system increases blood flow to the body and baby, improving maternal and fetal health. Your body will not only be more efficient at transporting nutrients to the baby, but also the greater blood flow stimulates growth of the fetus and health of the placenta.

One thing is clear – You can have a safe and healthy pregnancy and maintain a high level of fitness. However, it is most important to get the all- clear from your doctor before taking up an exercise program to ensure there are no complications and that it is safe to exercise. The health of your baby is your number one priority. If in doubt, only exercise under supervision of an instructor qualified to instruct pre/post-natal women.

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