Tips to Relieve Sore Nipples with Breastfeeding

By Mariya Rizwan

With breastfeeding, sore or cracked nipples are a common complaint. However, do not stop feeding your child because you can overcome it with professional help.

Some tips can also help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with sore nipples due to breastfeeding. To know them, keep reading this article.

The most common reason for nipple soreness with breastfeeding is a poor latch. Therefore, consult a lactation consultant who can guide you with breastfeeding techniques.

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To prevent nipple soreness, check the hunger cues of your baby. Feed them soon rather than late and vigorously. That might irritate your breasts. Also, pump a little milk before putting your breast in their mouth, so your baby does not have to nurse hard to get milk, and it flows well. When you end the nursing session, put your finger in the baby’s gum to get them off your breasts. It will help prevent the pulling of your nipple.

Tips to prevent sore nipples are:

Cold Therapy

Apply a cold-wash cloth or an ice pack for ten minutes on your nipples to soothe them and relieve the pain promptly.

Start With The Less Sore Side

To start, use the less sore nipple so your baby can nurse there. Then you can put them on the other side.

Rub Ointments

As soon as you feed with sore nipples, apply lanolin or any ointment that can provide relief. You can also use your milk on your nipples to lower the soreness.

For broken skin, use hydrogel pads that can provide quick relief and promote healing. However, do not use a gel pad or lanolin if you have a fungal yeast infection.

Use Breast Shells

When sore nipples get in direct contact with the bra, they hurt. To prevent their rubbing, you can use breast shells that allow air to pass near nipples. They will also help promote healing by preventing the brushing of the nipple skin.

Wear A Cotton Bra

If you do not use breast shells, wear a cotton bra through which air can pass. When that happens, the healing becomes quicker. Otherwise, it will take more time and remain painful. Try not to wear a tight bra. Keep in mind that the breast size changes during pregnancy and after giving birth. Wear a bra that fits well according to your breast size.

The Bottom Line

With proper latching techniques and tips, breast soreness goes away quickly. Breastfeeding is beneficial for you and your child. Therefore, continue nursing as the soreness goes away. However, if it remains despite proper feeding position, consult a healthcare provider.

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