Thumbay Institute of AI Healthcare Concludes Second Conference with 800 Participants, Spotlighting New Tech, Curriculum Advancement & and Youth Inclusion in Training

Thumbay Institute of AI Healthcare Concludes Second Conference with 800 Participants, Spotlighting New Tech, Curriculum Advancement & and Youth Inclusion in Training

Ajman, UAE: Thumbay Institute of AI in Healthcare marked a historic milestone with the successful conclusion of the Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, organized by students of GMU’s AI club under the guidance of faculty. The conference, attended by 800 participants both physically and online, highlighted the pivotal role of technology and data science in shaping the future of healthcare education and practice.

As healthcare continues to evolve, Gulf Medical University announced that it is developing a curriculum aimed at equipping health professionals with the necessary skills to utilize the ever-expanding landscape of technology. Driven by advancements in AI, big data analysis, and cybersecurity, the curriculum seeks to seamlessly integrate these elements into medical education, preparing students across all programs and colleges for a future where technology is present in patient care.

“With the transition from pen and paper to computers, and now to the era of evidence-based medicine, technology has become indispensable in decision-making processes,” said Professor Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of Gulf Medical University in his keynote address. “Collaboration between technologists, healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and patients is critical in the integration of AI into healthcare. In order to ensure that AI solutions address actual healthcare demands, interdisciplinary alliances cultivate an environment that supports innovation. This conference serves as a platform to raise awareness among health professionals and health professional students about the transformative potential of technology in enhancing patient care and treatment outcomes.”

The conference featured 15 speakers who delved into topics such as the application of AI in medicine, the importance of cybersecurity in AI-driven healthcare, and the use of pattern and image-based algorithms for cancer detection. These discussions emphasized the critical need for health professionals to adapt to a technology-driven environment, where AI and data science play integral roles in decision-making processes.

Dr. Vinaytosh Mishra, Director of the Thumbay Institute for AI in Healthcare, stated, “The conference was successful in highlighting how adopting cutting-edge technologies like AI and data science revolutionizes healthcare practices, streamlining treatment decisions, and elevating patient care standards. Discussions emphasized their role in disease prevention, precise data collection, and seamless accessibility, paving the way for an innovative care model. Educating health professionals about these technologies and providing training programs enables them to use AI in clinical decision-making while preserving the human touch in healthcare.”

In addition to the conference proceedings, Gulf Medical University also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Sathyabhama University, a distinguished institution in India. This partnership aims to create collaboration in technology and healthcare, facilitating student and faculty exchange programs, joint initiatives in AI in Healthcare, and mutual utilization of computing facilities.

By empowering students to take the lead in driving discussions on cutting-edge topics, Gulf Medical University is shaping the future of healthcare education and practice. Since 2022, the biggest private health professions university in the UAE has also established a collaborative partnership in research and education with the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, through a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This alliance has enabled the integration of expertise from both institutions into the development and delivery of certification and degree programs at Gulf Medical University. Faculty members from the University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria actively contribute to shaping these educational offerings, enriching the learning environment at Gulf Medical University with their specialized knowledge and experience.

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