Thumbay Healthcare Organizes Heartbeat Wellness Campaign in Collaboration with ARADA for World Heart Day

Thumbay Healthcare Organizes Heartbeat Wellness Campaign in Collaboration with ARADA for World Heart Day

Sharjah: To mark World Heart Day, Thumbay Healthcare Division organized the Heartbeat Wellness Campaign in association with ARADA at Al Jada Community, Sharjah. The event aimed to promote cardiovascular health and raise awareness about preventing heart diseases.

As part of the campaign, participants were provided with comprehensive wellness assessments, including fit-to-exercise evaluations, blood pressure measurements, blood sugar tests, and medical and dental consultations. Thumbay Rehab and Gulf Medical University extended their support to ensure the success of the assessments.

Moreover, a series of health awareness sessions were conducted by esteemed specialist doctors in the fields of Ear, Nose and Throat, Orthopedics, and Cardiology. These informative sessions helped participants learn about common heart conditions and how to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

The campaign kicked off with an energetic Zumba session, made possible with the support of Body and Soul Spa. Dr. Manish Singhal, the Chief Operating Officer of Thumbay Hospital Sharjah, Dr. Shaju Philip, the Medical Director of Thumbay Medical and Dental Specialty Centre Sharjah, and Ms. Selina Perelini, Senior Event Manager at ARADA, were present to inaugurate the event.

Dr. Manish Singhal highlighted the significance of preventing heart diseases and emphasized the need for regular check-ups to ensure a healthy heart. “Our aim with the Heartbeat Wellness Campaign is to create awareness about the importance of cardiovascular health and encourage individuals to take necessary steps to protect their heart,” he said.

Dr. Shaju Philip stressed the importance of timely medical and dental consultations and urged participants to take advantage of the expertise available during the campaign. “Prevention is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy heart. Through this campaign, we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle,” Dr. Philip said.

Ms. Selina Perelini from ARADA expressed her delight in collaborating with Thumbay Healthcare for this significant event. “ARADA believes in the importance of community health and well-being, and this partnership allows us to contribute towards promoting heart health among the residents of Sharjah,” she said.

The Heartbeat Wellness Campaign at Al Jada Community, Sharjah, was a grand success, engaging community members and creating awareness about heart diseases and preventive measures. Thumbay Healthcare Division and ARADA are grateful for the support received from Thumbay Rehab, Gulf Medical University, Body and Soul Spa, Thumbay Pharmacy and the esteemed panel of doctors for making this initiative possible.

About Thumbay Healthcare:

Thumbay Healthcare is the UAE-based healthcare division of Thumbay Group, which is a diversified global conglomerate headquartered in DIFC – Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thumbay Healthcare presently operates academic hospitals and medical centers in the UAE, providing ethical patient care at affordable prices.

About ARADA:

ARADA is a UAE-based developer committed to creating vibrant, high-quality, and sustainable communities. With a strong focus on community well-being, ARADA invests in various initiatives to promote the health and happiness of its residents.

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