The Space

Creating the perfect home spa experience is something that Carla Conte, founder and creative director at Brand Creative— which revamps and conceptualizes the interiors for spas across the GCC — understands well. She reveals how to create that home spa experience.

The Need

“With our busy lifestyles and constant connectivity to the online world, I think it’s imperative that every person have a space at home that is an escape. What’s important is that there is privacy so that you are left with your thoughts.

Key Elements Checklist

If you are renting your space or unable to renovate, then there are definitely key tricks you can use to create a pampering space, as follows:

• Dimmable lighting is key, but if you can’t dim the lighting controls, then switch your bulbs to warm lighting and a lower wattage.

• Candles immediately romanticize any space. Go for battery operated LED candles of various heights and widths and surround your bathtub/shower/ bookshelves with them.

• Aromatherapy oils and scents immediately help transport the mind to a quieter place.

• Combine that with soft music, meditative sounds, or soft tunes from nature to ensure an immersive environment.

• It’s important to select artwork or wall décor that is interesting to help fixate the mind on something other than work.

• Cushions, blankets, soft floor mats, and stools help make the space more usable while appealing to your tactile sense.

• Bring in nature as plants that promote additional oxygen (like spider plants, ficus, ferns, bamboo, and aloe) will give your space that added touch of color and texture.

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