The Importance of Breast milk for Infants

Breast milk is the best food for infants. There is really no substitute from any other commercial milk products that can compare with the many health benefits breast milk can give. It is very important for all new born babies to have at least consumed natural milk even from a short period of time from their mother as much as possible.
There are six important reasons why you should breast feed your child immediately after giving birth. Below are the importance of breast milk for infants.

1. Breast milk contains natural vitamins and minerals such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins and essential nutrients. These nutrients are combined in the right proportions to suits the infant’s needs. Human milk is also easy to digest and absorbed by the body.

2. Immunization is our shield from many diseases. For infants, mother’s milk gives them the right immunization system that contains anti-bodies which fights against harmful viruses and bacteria. It helps the body to develop resistance against respiratory infections, oral thrush, diarrhea and other common infant illnesses.The Importance of Breast milk for Infants

3. Breast milk is the best prevention for all common allergies for babies. Milk from a mother contains large amounts of secretory immunoglobin A (IgA). This anti-body is found in the lining of the intestines which blocks the absorption of allergy-causing substances into the bloodstream, thus protecting the baby from allergy threats.

4. Breast milk helps the infants grows normally because of certain growth factors that are known properties of milk. Natural milk improves and fasten the maturation of the baby’s organ systems which includes respiratory, gastrointestinal and hormonal systems. Because of this properties, the infant can adopt conveniently into its environment.

5. Milk from a breast feeding mother contains rich amounts and pattern of essential amino acids that are required for protein growth. As you know, amino acids are the building blocks of protein which are very important for infants. An example of amino acid is Taurine which are found in large amounts in human milk.

Taurine is a very essential amino acid because an infant’s body cannot produce its own Taurine. This amino acid is responsible for proper brain and nerve development for infants that is why breast feeding is highly recommended.

6. The oral mechanics of breast feeding helps develop and strengthen the infant’s teeth, palate jaws and facial muscles. These developments will prevent any malocclusion and highly contributes to better speech as the baby grows.

These are the reasons why breast feeding is important for new born babies. For women who are nearing their pregnancy due dates, consult your gynecologists to give important advice on how to effectively produce milk in your post pregnancy. Remember that breast milk is still the best milk for babies!

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