The Art Of Packing

tumiWhether it’s a family vacation or a business meeting, packing your suitcase can be stressful. HEALTH takes a look at some expert smart solutions for stress-free travel.

  •    First things first; always check the weather forecast for your destination.
  • Use a flat folding pack to pack a separate set of clothes into your carry-on bag, just in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Use packing cubes to separate outfits by color and occasion while traveling.
  • Have an “essentials pack” on hand with Tylenol/Panadol, hand sanitizer,and umbrella
  • Pack clothes inside dry cleaning plastic wraps
  • Turn your blazer inside out to prevent wrinkling
  • Pack socks, undergarments, and other small items around the handlebars to create a flat packing surface.
  • Put a dryer sheet inside your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh
  • When hanging items, layer garments; blouse/jacket/ pants all can be hung on one hanger
  • Wrap belts around the inside of the case, insert into shoes, or line collars with them to keep them crispy
  • Roll clothes instead of folding. For example, roll socks and stuff into your shoes.
  • Use a jewelry roll to hold delicate necklaces and earrings – they’ll never tangle.
  • Unscrew the lids of liquid cosmetics/toiletries and place a simple patch of saran wrap on the top and screw them back on to prevent any liquids from ruining your trip.
  • Choose the right shoes and wear the heaviest ones to reduce weight in your suitcase
  • Buy toiletries when you get to your destination or use the ones the hotels provide to reduce space and weight in your bag.
  • Make a photo copy of your passport when traveling to another country. Keep the copy in a separate bag from your passport. (Credit: www.
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