Teaching Children the Value of Giving

Ramadan is a special occasion for all Muslims that is much more than just fasting during the day for a whole month. Ramadan is an opportunity for parents to teach their kids about the importance of helping others and giving unconditionally. Use these tips to teach kids to be more charitable, forgiving, and inculcate a culture of volunteerism overall.

Lead By Example

We cannot deny the importance of the parents’ role in influencing their children. If you regularly volunteer and play an active role in your community, there is a big chance that your children will get inspired and do the same.

Teach Them Empathy

It is an important personality asset that makes us more human and develops our ability to understand and sympathize with others’ experiences. Empathizing encourages them to act towards helping and forgiving.

Reinforce the principles of forgiveness starting with the smallest issues.

The best place to do this is at home, after a sibling fight. Teach your kids to forgive regardless of the other person’s response. At the end, forgiveness releases those feelings of resentment and allows us to live in peace.

Encourage them to participate in donations.

You can create a “kindness box” at home and fill it every day during the month of Ramadan with unwanted toys, books, clothes, or food and send it to an orphanage.

Watch movies with your children or read them books that reinforce values such as kindness, forgiveness, and contribution.

Children usually identify with the character of the hero and get inspired by them.

(Credit: Haifa Dada, a youth, parent & family coach and an addiction recovery coach/cognitive behavioral coach)


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