Supplements for Gorgeous Hair

Whether you have thinning hair, hair loss, or just dull, lackluster locks, give these supplements a try.

Vitamin B: The four types of B vitamins required for healthy hair are biotin, para amino benzoic acid, vitamin B6, and inositol.

Vitamin C: Is known to be important in the production of tyrosine in the body, which is needed to give strength to hair strands and nourish the cells of the hair follicles.

Vitamin E: This vitamin increases blood circulation, especially near the scalp. This is necessary for healthy hair follicles, as it provides them with enough oxygen.

Vitamin D: Some signs of vitamin D deficiency include a reduction in calcium absorption and hair loss. To reverse hair loss due to vitamin D deficiency, you need more exposure to sunlight, especially early in the morning. Alternatively, you can increase your intake of more fortified dairy products.

Essential fatty acids: Essential fatty acids, which can be found in flaxseed oil, salmon oil,
and primrose oil, will help to improve the texture of your hair and keep it from becoming brittle.

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