Superfood Amala For Overall Women Health & Wellbeing

GooseberryAccording to Ayurveda, a woman’s health is directly related to her menstrual cycles. Regular menstrual cycle is not just meant for conception and pregnancy.

This process aids in detoxification of our bodily toxins and is highly regarded in Ayurveda for every woman to feel grounded, feminine, and most importantly, to get connected with her inner self during this time. Unfortunately for most women and especially in the western world, menstruation is considered to be a hindrance in day-to-day activities.

Amla also know as Amalaki in Sanskrit is a popular fruit widely available in India and extensively used in Ayurveda for thousands and thousands of years. The literal translation of Amla is ‘sour’ but the deeper meaning and translation of Amalaki in Sanskrit is ‘immortality’! because of it’s powerful healing attributes.

Why Should Women Consume Amla?

  1. Promotes strength and immunity against diseases
  2. One of the highest sources of Vitamin C and other important minerals (enhances glow and luster)
  3. Regulates Urinary Tract by being a natural diuretic
  4. Boosts cellular re-generation
  5. Aids in menstrual cramps
  6. Alleviates feeling of sadness
  7. Promotes regular bowel movement
  8. Eases constipation
  9. Tridoshic – balances body and mind
  10. Encourages weight loss and reduces bloating (by optimal digestion and elimination)
  11. Deeply detoxifies the tissues in the body

There are many ways to having this Amla powder in your daily diet. You can simply mix it with warm/hot water and drink it. You can also try one of my most popular smoothie using Amla, it’s called Blissful Nari Smoothie.

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