Stress-Busting Tactics for the Workplace


Everyone needs a job. Hopefully you have a job that you enjoy. But, even if you do, stress can become a factor in your life.Stress-Busting Tactics for the Workplace
We can control our reaction to situations but not anyone else’s. Often, in the workplace, it is this wildcard response that can help to add stress to our normally productive lives.

Stress-Busting Tips
* Begin your work day at home – Each day is different. Thinking about yesterday’s disaster at work can add unneeded stress to your as yet not begun workday today. Decide to begin each new work day by blocking out what has happened the day before and looking forward to a new experience with an upbeat attitude.

* Avoid office politics – It can be all too easy to get caught up in someone else’s issues at work. If a co-worker comes to you and asks for advice, offer to listen to them but leave it at that. Going to the boss on their behalf can lead to a tarnished relationship for you with management.

* Know your job description and what is expected of you – Many times it is hard to say no when someone asks you to take on extra work. If it is outside of your job description, don’t feel bad if you have to refuse the assignment. While everyone wants to grow at their job, right now may not be the best time for you to try to tackle more – especially if you already have a full load. This can take the pressure off of you to say yes when you know that you are not required to do so.

* Add humor to your day – Instead of buying into the bad mood or sour attitude of others, stay upbeat. Tell yourself a joke. If you work on a computer, subscribe to a joke-a-day website so that you get daily injections of humor to lighten the mood and alleviate pressure.

* Organize your desk – If you are in a hurry, it is nice to be able to place your hand on exactly what you need. Even if a messy desk is the sign of an organized mind, it can still place added pressure on you that is not necessary. If you are naturally disorganized, try using labels to keep up with important documents.

* Get exercise – You can take a short walk at lunchtime or use a stepper to keep your feet moving as you work. Increasing your oxygen levels improves cardiovascular fitness and boosts clarity, immunity and problem-solving skills.

* Listen to music – It can calm not only your mind but also your soul. Listen at work and at home to reduce stress levels by the time you see your family.

Even the best jobs can be stressful at times. Keep your stress level to a minimum with these handy tips.

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