Simple Ways to Teach Children Right from Wrong

  • Health looks at some easy ways that parents can inculcate the concept of right and wrong in their children.
  • Set limits, but be careful not to impose too many rules. Before making a rule, ask yourself: Is it necessary? Does the rule protect a child’s health and safety
  • Keep rules simple and understandable.
  • Involve children as much as possible in making family rules.
  • Help your child understand rules and what happens when they are broken.
  • Be flexible. Some rules may work when a child is young, but as children grow older, they need and want more independence.
  • Help your child develop self control. Young children do not have the self-control needed to follow all the rules all of the time.
  • Tell a child about behavior that is annoying to you or others.
  • Act quickly when a child misbehaves.
  • Be consistent. Agree with other family members on methods of discipline.
  • Praise a child for good behavior and accomplishments.
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