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beauty1Dubai’s best kept secret is Shirley Conlon Organics, developed by Shirley Conlon whose aim is to develop pure organic products with the very best ingredients sourced from nature. She launched her brand after trying to source holistic products in Dubai and armed with a background in beauty therapy and cosmetic science, eventually set out to make her own pure and simple skincare products to complement hot climates.

Q. What differentiates your oils from other essential oils available in the market?

Shirley:SCO essential oils are of an exquisite quality and are purchased from certified organic wholesale suppliers. We do not use any phototoxic essential oils in our products therefore your skin will not increase in photo-sensitivity or pigmentation.

Q. What are some of your top selling oils?

Shirley:Our signature rosehip oil with precious Acmella, sea buckthorn and Rose otto is a cult product with a huge following, because of its healing and regenerating benefits to sun exposed skin. It is a wonderful face oil to use after sun exposure to calm and rehydrate the skin.

Q. Do these oils go beyond beauty?

Shirley: Customers who use our products are interested in total health and wellbeing for their skin, body, and environment. Our products support the skin in hotter climates by using potent blends of antioxidants, plant lipids, extracts, and vitamins which are light and easily absorbed by the skin. However, in pregnancy always consult a practitioner before using essential oils.

Q. What is the main aim of your blog?

Shirley: The SCO blog is mainly in place to keep our customers aware and up-to-date with the latest news in natural and organic everything; food, skincare, lifestyle, and other issues that interest us as a green environmentally conscious company.

Q. Do you think Dubai is catching up with the organic bandwagon?

Shirley:Yes, absolutely. The demand for organic and natural products in every sector is growing rapidly in the Emirates. Consumers are becoming more health conscious and are willing to pay the higher price tag for certified organic products. There are some wonderful organic initiatives around the Emirates that were not heard of five years ago.

Q. Beyond the blog, what are some your interests?

Shirley: I enjoy spending quality time with my precious family. Anything that we do together is wonderful. Normal stuff including biking, walking, swimming, reading and definitely travel; I love to explore. I am very interested in people, cultures, places, and good conversation.

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