Zendium unveiled in the UAE to boost the mouth’s natural defenses

ZendiumDubai, January 20th, 2016: Unilever, one of the world’s leading FMCG companies and manufacturer of iconic brands such as Lipton and Lifebuoy, launched Zendium, the first toothpaste to harness the power of enzymes and proteins to boost the mouth’s natural defenses. The launch event was held in the UAE yesterday at Kempinski Hotel, The Palm, Dubai.

Research shows that the human mouth has a natural ability to protect itself against diseases. The defence system of the mouth naturally controls bacteria to protect teeth and gums. This system is made of enzymes and proteins that constantly balance the microflora of the mouth. Zendium’s pioneering formula works in harmony with the mouth, as it contains the same enzymes and proteins that the mouth uses to fight bacteria and is clinically proven to give 60%* extra power to fight causes of cavities, gum problems and sensitivity. all without antibacterial agents.**

Shelagh Muir, Unilever’s global Research & Development Vice President for oral care comments: “We all know that our mouth has a natural power to defend itself against disease and a healthy mouth starts with a balanced microflora. Our mission with Zendium is to enhance our understanding of the mouth’s microflora and deliver products that boost its natural protective power.”

Most toothpastes contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), a foaming agent known to alter the sense of taste. Zendium works in a different way and feels different too because it is made with mild ingredients: a very soft foaming agent and subtle flavours. Unlike most toothpastes, these ingredients don’t irritate the gums or the delicate tissues of the mouth. Zendium is mild yet powerful.

“We are introducing the first toothpaste that works harmoniously with the body,” says Marie-Anne Aymerich, Unilever’s global Senior Vice President for Oral Care. “The longstanding reputation and heritage behind Zendium, makes this pioneering product an exciting, new global innovation that is set to revolutionise oral care.”

Zendium’s history starts in Scandinavia in 1969 when Dr. Henk Hoogendoorn, a microbiologist, went on a quest to develop a toothpaste that would protect the mouth in the same way that nature had intended to.

Dr. Hoogendoorn studied the way the mouth naturally control bacteria to protect the teeth and gums. He discovered a system of enzymes and proteins that make up the mouth’s natural defences. Based on that system, Henk developed a new toothpaste that works in harmony with the mouth and boosts its natural defences. This toothpaste is now known as Zendium.

The entire Zendium range includes the following variants:

–          Zendium Complete Protection

–          Zendium Sensitive

–          Zendium Fresh

–          Zendium Kids, for kids from 0-6 years

–          Zendium Juniors, for kids 7 years and older

Zendium can be found in all supermarkets and hypermarkets across the UAE, as well as key pharmacies and online retailers, starting from AED 28.

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