Winners take home cash prizes in RAK Hospital’s weight-loss challenge


Male and female winners lost 35.5 kilos and 19 kilos respectively

Two Emiratis bag the runners up spots

Four participants became happy recipients of thousands of dirhams at the RAK Hospital’s Biggest Loser Challenge which reached its conclusion this weekend. The 10-week long competition, designed to inculcate healthier lifestyle among the UAE residents, saw hundreds of contestants dropping a few dress sizes in the hope of winning the title as well as adopting a ‘life-friendly’ diet and fitness regime. Winners took home cash prize of AED 5000 each, while the two runners-up received AED 2000 each.

The award for the biggest loser in the male category went to Mr. Ghazwan Abdulilah Dakak, a Syrian national who lost a whopping 35.5 kilos in the stipulated period. Among the ladies, Iraqi national Ms. Sura Falih Azziz won the cash prize for dropping 19 kilos. The runners up awards went to two Emiratis, Mr Salem Khamis Rashed – 18 years – and Ms Hiba Khalifa Fath Elrahman Said – 35 years – who lost 28 kgs and 15 kgs respectively.

Commenting on the experience, 44-year-old Mr Dakak, said: “My main aim of entering this challenge was to improve my health and my family is very happy with this change in me. I intend to continue with the healthy lifestyle since I still have 25kgs to lose before I reach my ideal weight. At the beginning of the challenge I weighed 146 kilos, and compared to that, today I feel far more active, lighter and fitter. I’m able to work out better as well, finding time to walk at least an hour-and-a-half every day and swimming four times a week. As a group, we were also fortunate to have the support of RAK Hospital’s staff that kept us motivated and driven with weekly emails and advice on Whatsapp on nutrition and exercise”.

Thirty-one year old Ms. Sura Falih Azziz was encouraged by her husband to register herself for the contest. “The journey from 101 kilos to 82 kilos has been a challenge in itself and now that I know I can do it, I will continue to follow the regime until I lose another 20 kgs. I’ve given up all sources of sugars except those derived from fruits, all unhealthy foods, and simply focus on following a diet that will do good to both my body and mind. For exercise, I did Zumba every day. In this regard, I’d also like to thank RAK Hospital for their constant encouragement, support and guidance”.

The Biggest Loser Challenge commenced on February 17th as part of RAK Hospital’s drive towards a fit and healthy UAE in association with Ministry of Health and Prevention, Ras Al Khaimah. Hundreds of participants registered for the competition with the doctors at the hospital recording their weight, height and BMI and blood pressure. The information was tallied at the end of the challenge for final results.

“We were quite encouraged to see that many people had shown a marked improvement in adopting a healthier lifestyle. Anyone who loses such massive amount of weight will not want to go back to the beginning so I hope that all participants continue with the weight loss program,” said Ms Ruba El-Hourani, Clinical Dietician at RAK Hospital, “However, the motive behind this 10-week task was more than weight loss. We wanted to ensure that people practically experience for themselves what it feels to lead a healthier life, and that it is not as difficult as it is made out to be. During the challenge, we continued with follow-ups and invited participants to approach us on one-on-one basis in case they wanted to discuss their progress. In future as well, they are welcome to keep in touch with us since we have built a relationship.”

Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director at RAK Hospital added: “I want to congratulate not just the winners for this huge feat, but every single person who participated in the challenge. Essentially, every kilo lost is a winning moment for them since it’s one more step towards a healthier body and happier mind. I would also like to commend my team at RAK Hospital who were ever-present, motivating the participants and guiding them to follow a medically approved, practical routine that will ensure long-term dividends”.

With the aim to reach out to maximum number of people in the UAE RAK Hospital also conducts the annual “Live Healthy Carnival” to impart a holistic approach towards a healthier lifestyle. Besides this, the healthcare institution continuously conduct awareness campaigns and free screening programs.

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