Why Women Have Plastic Surgery

The majority of women who opt for plastic surgery do so to boost self-esteem says one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr Kasem Abu Bakr.

Poor self-esteem can stem from purely psychological reasons or from the physical, such as post accident problems, congenital deformities, or from badly executed previous surgeries, and can be alleviated through surgical procedures, according to the surgeon.

“For celebrities and VIPs there are often professional reasons for wanting to undergo surgery, but outside of that, women in general are usually looking for a boost in confidence and just want to feel better about themselves,” he says.

Dr Kasem has performed aesthetic surgery on more than 40,000 women, which he says has given him profound insight into the reasons why women choose to go under the knife.

“Aesthetic surgery is an effective psychological treatment to help people gain more confidence in their abilities and presence,” he says.

As part of his usual consultation process, Dr Kasem focuses on building close relationships with his patients – considering himself as more than simply a surgeon; his role is to guide and help his patients through their journey to self-improvement. Sometimes potential patients discover surgery is not the best option after deeper consideration and he will instead help the patient source dietary and nutrition advise, referring onward to colleagues he feels better able to help with particular needs and situations.

“Aesthetic surgery can be a life changing experience and I am very conscious of the importance my advice can have on a patient throughout the consultation process,” he says.

“It’s about building a friendly, honest relationship and going through a step-by-step process to find what is best for the patient. I want to learn my patient’s dreams and together we find the best method to achieve those results.”

One of the most memory examples of how aesthetic surgery can positively change a person’s life for Dr Kasem is that of a 28-year-old former patient. She first walked into his clinic with her mother, troubled by the fact she had never had any sort of relationship, which she believed to be due to a lack of self-confidence caused by a chest-wall deformity. After Dr Kasem performed breast augmentation using 3D technology her personality, self-confidence and outlook on life completely changed.

“She was very happy,” he says. “I remember at the one month follow-up visit she was joyfully explaining how for the first time in her life people are noticing her. That moment of happiness I saw in her eyes was previously unimaginable. Now she is happily married and living the life she always wanted. I believe her newfound happiness and joy is all down to the confidence she finally has. Cynics might say something else but they would be wrong; all I did is give her that little bit of confidence she needed to go out and be all that she could be. She is definitely someone who’s life has changed for the better after surgery was able to help her be more comfortable and confident with herself.”

Dr Kasem specialises in the use of laser surgery technology and 3D modelling which helps the consultation process, and allows patients a much quicker recovery than traditional methods of plastic surgery, so the transition back into their normal life is much quicker and less painfull.

According to Dr Kasem, the most common procedures for women are breast augmentation, nose jobs and liposuction. European women usual concentrate on procedures for their body, while Arab women most often have work done to their face.

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