Type 2 Plan

Whilst medicine is winning the battle of glucose control, it is losing the battle against Type 2 diabetes, yet, it is so simple to beat this silent killer!Doctors are quick to prescribe medicines for control of type 2 diabetes but is this unnecessarily setting people down the path of a lifetime dependency on drugs with uncomfortable, not to mention, potentially lethal side effects when there is an easy and far healthier, proven alternative?

Make no mistake, diabetes is turning into a very serious problem. The department of Health predicts the proportion of people with diabetes will jump from 7.3 per cent of the population in 2012 to 8.8 per cent by 2030. Called the ‘Silent Killer’ because it often goes unnoticed as the signs and symptoms associated with it may not be very dramatic, or the person affected may attribute the symptoms to something else, those that are diagnosed with it are prescribed medicines to control it that can cause serious health problems themselves such as heart attacks, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, stroke, vision impairment and osteoporosis.

There is a solution though. In the free eBook ‘7 ways to tackle type 2 diabetes’ Don Gordon – athlete, chiropractor and advocate of nutrition and weight management to aid health – has collected some of the best ways to combat this disease. Exploding some of the myths and educating on the causes and problems that Type 2 diabetes has surrounding it.

Patrick Holford in his book ‘say no to diabetes’ highlights the preventability of this type of diabetes, leading the way forward by demystifying commonly held beliefs. Not only has he proven that type 2 diabetes is reversible publicly and repeatedly, but this is supported by a large number of medical experts in this field – Dr Fedon Lindberg, Dr Neal Barnard, Professor Charles Clark and Gabriel Cousens MD – all of whom have been instrumental in helping educate and provide natural alternatives to prescriptive medicinal drug culture in relation to diabetes. The seven chapters of this free book have been drawn from both these and other experts, together with the experiences of Don Gordon’s own clients and family.

This eBook is available free on his website www.type2plan.co.uk and is a must read for anyone with the condition.

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