University Hospital Sharjah helps woman regain vision after years of suffering

Diabetics need to get eyesight checked regularly

University Hospital Sharjah’s latest laser surgery helped a patient regain her sight after suffering from loss of vision for the past 10 years. Nidhal, a resident of Sharjah now drives without feeling any eye strain thanks to UHS.

Dr QasemDr Qasem Alhammouri, UHS Consultant Opthalmologist conducted the operation and spoke of the procedures success: “This painless surgery required only 15-minutes to perform and allowed her to see clearly again,” Dr Alhammouri continued, “The 45-year old patient need not have suffered for so long. This operation helped clear the extensive mass of fibers and membranes around her lens, despite Mrs Nidhal being informed by two doctors that nothing could be done about her loss of vision and that laser surgery would not help.”

Nidhal the patient commented, “I was surprised when Dr Qasem said he would operate on my eye. I would feel tired most of the time, especially when driving in the evening,” she said. “Now I am feeling much better and my vision has significantly improved.”

Dr Qasem said the patient had undergone cataract surgery when she was 25 years old, but her vision started deteriorating over the past three years. “She was told her eye was ‘lost’ and nothing could be done for her, yet since coming to UHS she now has 6/6 vision.”

Dr Qasem continued to explain that 6/6 Vision means that at six meters the patient can correctly identify the equivalent letter size. As a precaution, people living in this harsh and dry climate should use eye drops to keep the eyes moist and lubricated.

He also advises adults and children to wear sunglasses to cut out the harsh ultra-violet rays harming the eyes.

“See an ophthalmologist immediately if your eyes are red, have pain or reduced vision”, he said. He stressed that with diabetes, a metabolic disease, rampant in this region, it is important for a diabetic to see an ophthalmologist regularly and also urged authorities to have an eye screening programme for school children to catch any refractive errors or congenital eye problems early.”

The eye doctor continued stressing on the prolonged usage of mobile phone, watching TV for a long time or playing electronic games will make the eyes tired. “It will not affect your eyesight but will give you eye fatigue, burning and itching eyes.” He advises looking away from the screen from time to time.



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