UAE’s Only Shared Risk IVF Program Launched


  • Take home a baby, or receive up to 100% refund: Bourn Hall Fertility Centre brings to the UAE a “money back guarantee”for couples struggling with infertility
  • On average, pregnancy success rates escalate anywhere from 65 percent to 80 percent by completion of the 3rdcycle

October 26, 2016; Dubai, UAE: With the launch of “Shared Risk” IVF Program, Bourn Hall Fertility Centre in Dubai becomes UAE’s only fertility clinic offering financial assurance through a money back guarantee to couples undergoing multiple In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)cycles. Popular in the western world, the revolutionary refund-based financing plan is one-of-its kind concept, promising peace of mind to couples seeking fertility treatments. The program promises to refund up to 100% of the IVF procedures fee, if it doesn’t result in the birth of a live baby. The comprehensive care plan also includes the cost of medications and anesthesia services as well as ICSI, which are normally excluded in episodic care.

The Shared Risk Program has been developed to reduce the financial burden for a couple by fixing the cost involved in participating in multiple IVF cycles. By limiting the amount of money “at risk”, this program preserves financial resources for other family-building options should IVF fail.

Amin Neghabat, Group CEO for Bourn Hall International said, “Through the IVF Shared Cost (Shared Risk) Program we are able to divide the potential financial risk between the patient and the clinic, so this maximizes their chances of success while minimizing their financial risk.  Infertile couples who don’t have access to medical insurance coverage for fertility services can now have a viable option for IVF. Normally 3 episodic cycles will cost AED 90,000 AED and the patient loses the entire amount paid if each cycle fails. However, through this program, you save a significant amount of up to 25% for three cycles, and the best part is we are refunding up to 100% if the patient does not take home a baby by the end of their 3rd cycle.”

“A couple going through IVF experiences many emotions and financing each IVF cycle episodically adds an additional burden tothe couple. When a couple has financial peace of mind, the body’s hormones react in a positive way allowing the embryo to grow in a more conducive environment and that’s what we want to achieve by offering  our patients the highest probability of being successful.  Moreover, we are taking the entire journey with the patient by not just ensuring that she conceives but delivers successfully. Live birth or your money back, guaranteed”, added Mr. Neghabat, Group CEO of Bourn Hall International with clinics in the UAE and India and plans to add more in Egypt and Abu Dhabi.

While factors such as age and embryo health add to the equation, research indicates that on average about a third of patients experience live birth after their first IVF cycle. The success rates generally increase and can escalate anywhere from 65 percent to 80 percent by the third IVF. Moreover, a study in the US conducted on 1,000 shared risk patients suggests that 75% of all couples enrolled in the program took home a baby which makes it quite an attractive option. As well as, within the same study 99.6% of all patients surveyed stated that they were incredibly fortunate to take advantage of such a program.

Commenting on the relationship between stress and IVF success rate, Dr David Robertson, Group Medical Director at Bourn Hall Centre, said that latest research proves that one directly affects the other.

“Rise in the so-called ‘stress hormone’ cortisol can reduce the chances of conceiving by almost one-third,” said Dr Robertson, “And there is no denying that financial strain can be a huge burden, which is where programs like shared risk are beneficial. It’s a win-win situation because we are not just talking about successful pregnancy here. The shared-risk program sees you through the end until you have the baby”.

Discussing the clinical aspect of the shared-risk, Dr Robertson added that all the patients interested in the program will be subjected to a medical review, where they are expected to fulfill certain health criteria.

Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai, the only JCI accredited stand-alone fertility clinic in the Middle East, strives to introduce new concepts in the UAE that not only help ease financial burden on couples struggling with fertility, but also raises awareness on various fertility-related issues. The Centre specializes in providing solutions related to fertility and is a focal point for a number of couples seeking treatment. Beyond Shared Risk the clinic is introducing naturopathic and holistic medicine inclusive of Acupuncture Services on site to help with stress control.

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