UAE Ministry of Health warns against rumours of availability of unregistered medicines in UAE pharmacies

UAE, February 8, 2016 – Dr. Amin Hussein Al AmiriAssistant Undersecretary for the UAE Ministry of Health’s Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector and Vice Chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee, has announced that the ‘Kimi Pickett’ cough syrup is from an unrecognized company which is not registered in the country. The announcement came amidst several rumours on social networking sites about the product, including that it is available in pharmacies in the UAE. There are also stories that it has caused drug poisoning in children between the ages of one and 10 years who had to be admitted to intensive care due to severe dyspnea, cyanosis and fainting.

The Assistant Undersecretary confirmed that the drug is not registered by the Ministry of Health. It has not been imported through official channels and has never entered the UAE legally in the past. He further said that Kimi Pickett is being made in an Arab country; however, they have not received any note from that country, the Health Secretariat of the Arab League, or the Executive Office of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Dr. Al Amiri emphasized that the Ministry of Health, in coordination with local health authorities and the Supreme Committee for the Vigilance of Pharmaceuticals, communicates regularly with international organizations and authorities concerned with medicine and pharmaceutical plants to continue to investigate any warnings, notes or complications in any class of drug in the world. 

The Ministry of Health has once again underlined that it has not received any note electronically or officially regarding this drug and therefore it is difficult to highlight the damages of the medication. It requested the public not to buy or sell any such drug as well as believe in stories that distort the UAE’s or manufacturer’s reputation as such misleading information can cause fear among people.

Furthermore, the Ministry warned people not to be deceived by unconfirmed rumours and not to trade any drug that is not authorized by the Ministry of Health or local health authorities. 

Lastly, the Ministry urged community members to contact them immediately if they find the drug being sold or bought in the UAE through the free hotline number 80011111, the ‘Tamenni’ program on the website, or any government health institution as part of their responsibility.

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