Titan launches the Raga Aurora collection

16 November 2016, Dubai: Titan unveils a marvelous collection of exquisite timepieces for women. Inspired by the unique blend of techniques from the renaissance era along with modern interpretations, the Titan Raga Aurora collection delivers a breath-taking illustration of the elegance of a contemporary woman while also celebrating her beautiful glow and sparkling confidence.

The ensemble draws inspiration from unique techniques like Cameo, Abalone and Gilded Gold which weaves its poetry through meticulous techniques of embossing, cutwork and layered dials using Swarovski crystals, enamels and mother-of-pearl blending.

Defining the mélange of simplicity and femininity, the stunning collection is available in 11 cases with 26 variants. Each masterpiece is synonymous of Titan’s superior watchmaking and craftsmanship skills, the perfect accessory for the festive season.

The Titan Raga Aurora collection is available across UAE at all Titan kiosks and online at Souq.com.

The Titan Raga Aurora collection:

Reference 95043SM01, 95043WM01 and 95043YM01 (From left to right): This masterpiece encapsulates the aesthetics of flora and fauna, magically. The mother-of-pearl dial boasts a carved sculpture design, while the bracelet creates an unforgettable harmony of beautiful embossed patterns and Swarovski crystals. Available in three variants, Rose Gold, Gold and Steel cases.

Reference 95044WM01, 95044YM01 and 95044SM01 (From left to right): The magical allure of stylish gowns is brought alive in this watch. The bracelet is a striking image of the frills and layers these gowns embody and the intricate patterns on the dial brings alive laces used. Swarovski crystals are embedded on the edges, acting as a beautiful link for the design. The watch is available in three variants, crafted in Rose Gold, Gold and Steel cases.

Reference 2567WM01, 2567KM01 and 2567YM01 (From left to right): Inspired by the gestural accessory brise fan, this watch is designed with a simple dial with the bracelet resonating the intricate fan pattern and lace motifs. Available in three variants, the timepiece is crafted in Rose Gold, Bi-metal and Gold cases.

Reference 2540WM05, 2540YM05 and 2540SM05 (From left to right): With a gleaming mother-of-pearl dial, the timepiece reflects a printed portrait with a sensational impression of a flower. The bracelet forms an unforgettable halo around Swarovski crystal pearls and enamel filled petals. Available in three variants, the timepiece is crafted in Rose Gold, Gold and Steel cases.

Reference 2566WM01 and 2566SM01 (From left to right): Inspired by royal mirrors, this watch is designed in an ornamented bracelet, with mother-of-pearl design and pearled white enamel. The dial and the bezel reflects elegance with enchanting motifs and decorated mirrors. Available in two variants, the timepiece is crafted in Rose Gold and Steel cases.

Reference 2511WM07, 2511YM08 and 2511SM07 (From left to right): Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of daffodils, the design is a stunning illustration of these flowers with studded Swarovski pearls. Available in three variants, the timepiece is crafted in Rose Gold, Gold and Steel cases.

Reference 95048WM01, 95048YM01 and 95048SM01 (From left to right): This rare masterpiece starts simple with studded Swarovski crystals marking the numbers on the dial, and then flawlessly transcends into beautifully weaved flowers budding from Swarovski pearls. The bracelet further extends its charm with half cut Swarovski pearls nested in between intricate patterns. Available in three variants, the timepiece is crafted in Rose Gold, Gold and Steel cases.

Reference 95049WM01, 95049YM01 and 95049SM01 (From left to right): Drape the soft flow of majestic gowns around your wrist with this heart-stirring beauty. This timepiece emanates royalty with its satin finish dial, the studded Swarovski crystals and pearl bracelet. Available in three variants, the timepiece is crafted in Rose Gold, Gold and Steel cases.

Reference 95045WM01: Designed in a rose gold case, the twin-layered mother-of-pearl dial in the timepiece brings out a unique sheen, setting the top-layered butterflies into an enchanting motion. The oval, light rose Swarovski stone is casted intricately to the carved bracelet which emerges from the bed of Swarovski, sown to the bezel.

Reference 95047WM01: A beautiful illustration in rose gold, the timepiece encompasses a mother-of-pearl dial that beams radiance of a rose. The Swarovski crystals forms a beautiful ring around the bezel, which draws attention to the elegantly casted piece of rose on the seamlessly intertwined bracelet.

Reference 95046WM01J: Inspired from a beautiful technique Cameo (carving an object to create engraved 3D pattern), the timepiece is crafted in rose gold. With pearl-finished designs lapped on the embossed metal pattern, the flaunts a stunning bracelet and dial. Adding on, the embedded Swarovski stones form a timeless curve around the dial.

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